The Most Anticipated Open World Games for 2018

Player 2 looks at what open world adventures are coming in 2018 and which ones are looking the most exciting.

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SpamnJam344d ago

I hope crackdown is good but I think it is going to be a stinker

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chris235344d ago

can‘t wait for the outcry when gamers will be forced to play rdr2 which will have tons of microtransactions and loot boxes. or when the 23.897 other devs and pubs will switch to monetizing their open world games. because after all they see the games of EA get bought anyway.

personally, i‘m fed up with open world games until they find new game mechanics. i‘m not paying money anymore to collect crap in games. as a consequence, when you don‘t want to do the same procedure again, you concentrate on the game itself, which is most of the times another 0815 snorefest. boring cutscenes and dull and empty streets/bushes/prairies/whatev er.

prime example of bad open world games: watch dogs 2. i was forced to buy the game because san francisco. but boy, was the rest of the game a borefest, jesus h. christ on a stick. i guess much more bad open worlders will arrive in 2018.

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ninsigma343d ago

Meh poor list for me. Only one I'm interested in is Ghost of tsushima but still gotta see gameplay for that yet and what are the odds of it being a 2018 title. Ni No Kuni 2 and Spiderman are far more anticipated for me for this year.

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