3dRudder has just announced their new VR foot motion controller “3dRudder Blackhawk”

3dRudder, an innovative technology company, leader in delivering solutions to virtual reality motion issues, announces today the 3dRudder Blackhawk, a new foot motion controller for PC Gaming and VR.

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Jinger18d ago

Yes! Unrealistic movement is what kills VR... just another step closer to have full body motor control for VR.

TGG_overlord18d ago

It's just a matter of time now ;) And I've seen a VR full body motion controller of that kind just recently. However, it's still under development.

kneon18d ago

No this isn't it, this is just a giant joystick that you move with your feet. it seems rather pointless to me.

kayoss18d ago

In movies, they use these little balls that are attached to major joints in your body for CGI. Cant they use something similar? I can see this being perfect for PSVR because the Move controls have the glow balls on them that the camera detect and follows. You can have a "Move ball" attached to all your major joints to detect movements.

TGG_overlord18d ago

That can be done, I'm just not quite sure how one would be able to turn that into a consumer friendly product in terms of price. Nevertheless, it's worth looking into with no doubt.

kneon18d ago

Sure you could try that, but few people are interested in getting into a special suit just to play a game.

kayoss18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I wasnt think about a full on suit, but more like attachments (velcro band or some sort) for each major joints.

TGG_overlord18d ago

Well, it could be worthy of a try at some game events at least just to check the pulse of the said idea.

TGG_overlord18d ago

@kayoss "I wasnt think about a full on suit, but more like attachments (velcro band or some sort) for each major joints."

- Ah, sorry, my bad :P And that might just do the trick.

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