N4G: A Reminder About Rumors

Christopher writes: "With the Holiday Season over and no major gaming news event until late Spring, it's time to remind everyone of our policy regarding rumors, which have been increasing in regularity and will continue until May.

In this day and age it's easy to get carried away and mislead by any source on what might be happening in the industry. This is why we've used the following guidelines to limit the amount of non-credible rumors on N4G.


a) rumors are not allowed from anonymous sources unless the rumor is based on a photo or image;

b) spoken or written word rumors must come from a credible source with a history of being an insider in the industry or the like and not from any random Internet user;

c) video or image-based rumors that look easily faked are not allowed;

d) speculation is not a rumor and is not allowed, what someone 'thinks' is an opinion and not a statement that something will happen;


We encourage all users to use the submission reporting tools to share whether a rumor should be considered credible or not as well."

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blackblades18d ago

Reminder I'm still getting viruses pop ups which I have to exit out the whole tab. Also hey look new video ad pop ups. This site is a pain in my hands.

Sniperwithacause18d ago

I would give you a million up votes if i could.

NecrumOddBoy18d ago

I thought this was just me. I get these spam pop-ups all the time when using this site. The websites end in .XYZ

18d ago
WilliamSheridan18d ago

This is the reason I'm about to abandon this website... They may have single handedly destroyed my phone due to their inability to give a shit and take ad dollars from anyone who offers it...

inveni018d ago

Ad block until they fix it. That's what AdBlocker is for. If a site is being abusive, they don't deserve the ad revenue. If, however, blocking ads doesn't help, then the problem is not the site. (I don't get any popups at all on this site.)

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wiwihayepe15d ago

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Christopher18d ago

From the owners, who I've brought this up with regularly:

"I know this is very damaging to the site, and we`ve constantly nagged the ad networks when we get reports of these kinds of ads. It seems like it's been much better during the holidays, though, so let's hope that lasts. What would really help is screenshots or url`s to these ads/redirects etc. I know it can be hard to get, but it makes the job of kicking them out of the network much easier. Feel free to send whatever you can find out to us."

So, take screenshots and send them to me by PM here or email at Christopher (at) havamedia (dot) com and I'll continue to pass them on.

Jinger18d ago

Most certainly was not better over the holidays. I have been getting multiple virus and ad pop ups and the ad pop ups, even when pressing the 'X', still selects the ad.

rainslacker17d ago

Does the owner know that it's possible to just outright block those ads without needing the url? There are very specific scripts which cause pop ups on phones, and they can be blocked server side. It means the ad wont display, but that's a problem for the ad server to deal with. I'd live to support n4g by not using ad blocker browsers or plug ins, but they have so many ads, it actually slows down my browsing. It's better since the update on the pc, but mobile is much worse now

17d ago
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RememberThe35717d ago

Literally in the middle of reading your comment I got redirected to the fake snap site. Took a screen shot, though I'm not sure how to send it.

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Lou Ferrigno18d ago

if you don't know how to use an ad blocker by now, you've got bigger issues .

darthv7218d ago (Edited 18d ago )

is there an ad blocker for a phone browser? I use one on my PC and dont get the popups but on my phone i get them and the fake virus sites.

I found adblock plus for samsung browsers, but I use chrome on my galaxy phone. I installed it anyway to see if it works and sure enough... if i use the samsung browser I don't get the video pop up in the corner on my phone.

blackblades18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Exactly darth, have a ad block for computer but I use Chrome on my phone. The ad blockers I seen even have ad on them. Does it block the fake virus pop up.

18d ago
trooper_18d ago

You're serious, right? Ad blocker doesn't stop this crap.

bloop17d ago

That's not the point Lou Ferrigno. I never had to use ad blockers before on this site. And there was already plenty of advertisements on each page without having whack a mole video pop ups coming up all over the place. Has the site been taken over by EA or something?? If it isn't sorted soon I'll be visiting some other site to get my news.

rainslacker17d ago


There are some ad free browsers on the Google store. I use one for n4g, because the site keeps redirecting me to phishing sites unless I do. It doesn't solve the problem 100%, but it's significantly less frequent than not using one. Without one, I'd get one for every article I clicked on

343_Guilty_Spark17d ago

I have a suspicion the owners get a kickback from the redirects. Not like it would be difficult to get rid off. What other gaming site has them?

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trooper_18d ago

It's incredibly annoying.

Fist4achin18d ago

I think the actual close is timed because i press the X to close it and it sends me to the advertisers websites instead of closing it. It finally works after a good 5 seconds. Sucks!!!

Darklink2818d ago

I legitimately got porn as I was sitting with my family playing SNES classic looking something up and had to come up with some explanation. And still getting things of the like. It's horrible.

mkis00718d ago

Happens when I browse on phone. Immediately takes you to a " google chrome galaxy s8 has a virus" . Have to close the phone browser to avoid any bad stuff.

TallonIV18d ago

Get Adblock for Google Chrome and you'll be sorted.

sprinterboy17d ago

Yeah I get the same viruses and that bottom pop up 🤬

Professor_K17d ago


and got first coment too.

PrematuaProcrastin8a17d ago

Thank you m8, I was worried it was just me. Pop ups masquerading as chrome system warnings, claiming you've recently visited a site that has given your phone a virus have become commonplace.

Nu17d ago

On mobile and I get a message of a virus on my phone. I simply close all tabs and the message goes away. Can viruses actually infect phones?

obidanshinobi16d ago

Not only is it useful for getting rid of adverts but it's also essential now for internet security IMO.

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KwietStorm18d ago

Yea so about those pop ups that have been going on for weeks..

KwietStorm18d ago

I have flags on Chrome that blocks them from automatically opening, so there's nothing I can do about grabbing a URL. However, recently, there's a new kind of ad, for me at least, that slides on top of my screen on mobile, and plays a video. This is not the same type of ad that was a problem for a few months.

Goldby18d ago

^ yup, makes typing a pain in the a$$ when you have big thumbs

PiCOSMOiP16d ago

Yea still not working. We get it. You need to make money 😂

1Victor18d ago

I use ad blocker and never ad on my iPhone together and they block all the pop up ads here

Knushwood Butt18d ago

Can't see this as there's some video ad in the way.

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morganfell18d ago

"With the Holiday Season over and no major gaming news event until late Spring,..."

Actually...there is a big gaming event in early Spring. Spring begins on March 21st and GDC is set for March 19 - 23.

NecrumOddBoy18d ago

Events announced they mean, because everyone is expected a Nintendo Direct soon.

morganfell18d ago

GDC is announced. And if you look at the context of the statement it leads to a fairly direct conclusion. He isn't talking about rumors of a Nintendo Direct event. He is discussing Industry Events and the rumors that are generated concerning announcements that may be made or items revealed at said events. Like GDC.

Christopher18d ago

GDC is a developer event, not a gaming news event.

morganfell18d ago

But it still generates a boatload of gaming news.

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