PlayStation LifeStyle: Linger In Shadows Review

sev1512 of writes:

Ever since we first heard about Linger In Shadows we have been intrigued, and eagerly awaiting it's arrival on the PlayStation Network. Well it's here, and it's getting a very mixed reception from PlayStation fans. Is it a game? Is it a demo? It's a blend of both. What normally would be considered a demoscene, has had a PlayStation makeover complete with SIXAXIS and trophy support.

Disclaimer: The score reflects the VALUE of Linger In Shadows taking into consideration the price ($2.99) and the unique experience it offers.

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trancefreak3572d ago

hey nice piece sev. im going to check it out this weekend. Sorta reminds me of a a twisted daydream from what ive seen of it but fascinating never the less.

BigPete79783572d ago

It's not that long of a game. In fact I wouldn't even consider it a game. It is basically an interactive video. It definitely isn't for everyone. But I've enjoyed it, and considering it was only $2.99 isn't bad either. The music is also fantastic.