Call of Duty: World at War Beta Code Giveaway

This site has 20,000 beta codes to give away for CoD : World at War.

As you can see the number is quickly going down, so give it a shot!

The site in French but fairly straight forward.

Nom= First Name
Prenom= Last Name

Skip the middle part

Then put your email address in and birthday. You WILL need to confirm the email as they send you a confirmation link.

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Lucas223538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

do they give you the code thru xbox live or your email? Also do you have a french account to use the code?

TheWishman3538d ago

as of right now, no idea...but its worth signing up for incase right?

shortax3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

you could always Google free translation, and copy and paste in it. That is what I did and I got the gist of it

But hey whatever gets you a key

JsonHenry3538d ago

I just spent the better half of the day trying to fix my broken 360. I build computers quite often and tried every trick I could think of to fix the 3 flashing lights including making sure the solder joints were all freshly in place and still... nothing!

Guess I am not gonna be playing this game on the 360. But I really want to play the next GEARS and Fable 2. : (

dantesparda3538d ago

Cuz my brand new (only a little over a year old 360) RROD on me to this past Wednesday. Count'em people, this is 5!!! this is the fifth 360 to bite the dust. The manufacturing date on it is 7-4-07, so its one of the 65nm CPU ones with the extra heatsink. But yet could barely go over a year before it died. But what can I do but just keep playing the same old game/dance with MS. (I really should just give up on this system)

J4MES 13513d ago

Im having trouble getting the beta code too any solutions yett ?????

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Blaze9293538d ago

i just confirmed, now we wait

shovelbum3538d ago

Looks like I got it just in time. Now we wait.

Myst-Vearn3538d ago

I will wait for COD6 thank you

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The story is too old to be commented.

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