Star Citizen Raised the Most Kickstarter Money for the Second Year in a Row

Last year was another profitable year for Kickstarter games, altogether raising over $50 million. Of all the projects being funded, Star Citizen raised the most Kickstarter money for the second year in a row.

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Cy256d ago

And Scam Citizen keeps milking the suckers...

The_Sage256d ago

I did watch nearly an hour if gameplay. If it's a scam that's really going to suck. I didn't give any money, but it does look interesting.

Aither256d ago

Got a feeling this will turn out to be the biggest scam of the century. Maybe some day it will be released, but when it does, it probably won't live up to the expectations of the backers.

equal_youth256d ago

I'm hoping for a ps5 release.

kevnb256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

It’s not even on Kickstarter anymore, hard to take this seriously.

rlow1256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Don't they have enough money? I thought they were suppose to launch like ages ago. BINGEST LOOT BOX EVER. Lol

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