GamePro: The 28 Best FPS Games

Even if it's just blasting away wave after wave of demons in Blood, or perhaps saving mankind from itself as you traverse Half-Life 2's City 17, the FPS genre has proven itself time and time again.

GamePro is here today to pick out the best of the best the shooters that made your jaw drop the moment you booted them up. So grab a med-kit, holster your rocket launcher, and join them as they take a look at the Top 28 FPS Games!

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LinuxGuru3295d ago

Well at least Half-Life 2 was at #1

That shows this guy had at least a little intelligence.

Also, this dumb idiot used a CS 1.6 shot for counterstrike source.

The whole article wreaks of n00bishness.

solar3295d ago

totally agree. HL2 is still the pinnacle of the FPS genre. what i dont understand is why the camp fest that is CoD:4 is up at #2. BioShock was good, but doesnt deserve #3. if anything CS should be up higher. that game still has a rabid fanbase i do not think any other MP shooter will ever match.

jpod3294d ago

Haha, cs 1.6? probably not the only thing he messed up. Look at the screens of avp2 and deus ex.

prunchess3294d ago

I find it hard to put down the online play after 8-9 months playing. As for camping, it can happen in any FPS. Once your aware of it, it can be coped with.

solar3293d ago

problem is with CoD:4 you get rewarded for camping unlike other FPS titles. which i see as a lame console oriented perk.

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thor3295d ago

Timesplitters 2 should be in there rather than future perfect. Thief is by no standards an FPS (and I enjoyed Thief 2 the most but hey). And Half-life 2 the best FPS ever? Possibly but if that's true it shows we have a long way to go especially in terms of story. It's weird to think that that list pretty much covered all my favourites - is that it for FPSs over the years?

robotnik3295d ago

Damn, that list stinks. Where on earth is HalfLife 1?
For me, HL1 was far superior than HL2.

Darkseider3295d ago

The one thing I do miss in there though is Killzone. The art direction in the game was phenominal. The whole grainy look to make it look as if you were watching the actions and events unfold through an embedded camera reporter. Was one of my favorite shooters last gen. on consoles next to HALO.

-Maverick-3295d ago



Nice try though.

I'm on Halo 3 all the time though and I LOVE the Orange Box and Biosohck(the Xbox 360 versions....not the crappy watered-down PS3rd versions)

LinuxGuru3294d ago

you just had to say ps3rd didn't you?

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