PUBG on Xbox One X Hits 30 FPS With Latest Patch

While PUBG already manages to reach 30 fps stable in certain segments, the game continues with major drops when there is a lot of action on the screen, such as in the lobby or when jumping from the plane during the start of the games.

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lxeasy320d ago

Hope the Frame rate stays locked at 30 during this patch them dips can be really bad

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WilliamSheridan318d ago

It's early access, it's in beta. It'll get there. It's still running good enough to enjoy, but I agree it definitely needs to be stable

DarkZane318d ago

The performance is still very bad on PC, so I seriously doubt the console version will be improved significantly any time soon.

WilliamSheridan318d ago

I think a pretty locked 30fps isnt bad at all

Timesplitter14318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

30 fps is nowhere near acceptable. I will never understand how people can play games like this without getting a headache

60 should be considered rock-bottom minimum and 120/144 should be considered the standard

It's easy, devs; just sacrifice all the graphics until you reach at least 60fps and 1080p. It'll just make the whole game better. Fluidity and crispness are infinitely more important than shiny graphics

HRoach616318d ago

Most games on consoles have always been aiming for 30 FPS. Go master race somewhere else because litteraly no one but you cares for your comments.

Timesplitter14318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

60fps isn't at all out of reach of consoles. It's just a matter of telling devs to stop making the stupid decision of aiming for 30.

A big part of the problem is that we're currently in the typical sort of tribalistic situation where a group of fanatic people keep blindly defending bad things (like 30 fps) ONLY because it's a characteristic that has been attributed to their group (console games) over time, and they want to pretend it's not even a bad thing as a way to protect themselves. The end result is that devs don't feel the pressure to reach 60, because now 30fps is something people seem to be actually defending

AizenSosuke320d ago

From the comparison, it still shifts from 12 to 30 still, but optimistically it is still beta.

Neonridr320d ago

ouch.. when landing on the ground the framerate is ridiculous.. probably all the textures loading in at that point. But man.. 11-12 FPS is craaaaaazy

gangsta_red320d ago

It's definitely noticeable in the lobby and when diving out the plane, but after that IT'S GO TIME!

WilliamSheridan318d ago

It's due to the large number of players moving quickly in the plane. It's poor netcode. I'm sure some server tweaks will fix it...

GottaBjimmyb318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

The drops are only during pregame lobby and the parachute trip down, always the PS guys who never played the game in here acting like they are the end all in how the game performs. Since patch 1, it has run steady 30 on one x by turning off dvr, now it runs 30fps either way. Not saying there is never a single drop, but it is the vast minority and has been for a while. (At least with dvr off)

The bigger issue on one x and one is the rubber-banding and game crashing I have not heard a single person I have played with complain about framerate in weeks between probably 30 people I have played with and 5 friends I regularly play with, only one of those 5 have an x. But what would I know, I just play the game, you guys watched a video specifically looking for frame drops....

The game is in preview, I mean, noone is forcing anyone to buy the game before final release, it is just a bunch of whiny PS fanboys on this site who like to find anything to complain about, meanwhile ignoring the same things when the roles reverse.

In 2013, everyone said the resolution difference was unacceptable, but now suddenly that one x has the res advantage, resolution stopped mattering and upscaling is just fine -_-

It would be less annoying to see the constant shilling if you guys were so obvious about your bias, which leans almost towards paid marketing speech.

Neonridr317d ago

@GottaBjimmyb - who's a PS guy? I play this game on my PC all the time. Of course I have a 1080ti and an 8700K so I don't really experience much in the way of frame drops (to this extent).

I was merely pointing out that a tick over 10 fps is really bad optimization. I have faith that the game will get ironed out over time.

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2pacalypsenow319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

You can buy it for $29.99, its not a BETA.

Unless they're charging for betas now.

timotim319d ago

It's early preview, and the purpose of it is to help fund and give input on the project to hopefully create a better game.

frostypants319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

@timotim they've already made a TON of cash on the PC early access. There's no reason that they should be charging for beta testing on Xbox as well. They have all the funding they need. This is sketchy.

ZeroX9876319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Well you could always wait for the full version right? it is advertised as being an early access. It was either this or wait until the full version is ready, but using the hype train was the best way to ensure lots of sales right now. Hence more fundings to complete the game faster. Probably this is going to speed up the eventual PS4 version too!

Minecraft did the same back in 2009 up to the full version and I think that went pretty well.

I have a PS4 and a good PC so I don't hate the game since I can play it.

gamer7804319d ago

It IS a beta/preview, its basically like a kickstarter, you pay for alpha/beta/preview access while the game is being developed.

testerg35319d ago

Didn’t Sony sell gta demo for $40?

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KillBill318d ago

BETA simply means it is pre-launch status. Monetisation has nothing to do with if a game is in BETA or not. The same way a free launched game is not considered BETA.

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babadivad318d ago

When you are in the lobby and on the plane, frames are pretty inconsistent. But when you are on the ground, the frame rate stays locked at 30.

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InTheZoneAC319d ago

the power of the beastx!!!!!!!!!!!!

alb1899319d ago

How will the Pro handle it? Ok, stop.

xX-oldboy-Xx319d ago

Close to a year of hearing 'true 4K' - 'Da Beast is coming' - and this not to demanding game grinds to crawl. It is quite funny.

And by the time it comes to the Pro, they should have it optimised.

MS should have waited, plain and simple - but they needed something for the holidays. Because making your own games seems too difficult for them.


Well it is CPU heavy and with the PS4 having a slower CPU 1.6ghz than the Xbox One's 1.75ghz, The Pro is 2.1ghz and X is 2.3ghz so hopefully it does not Affect the frame rate on Pro. It runs Native 4k on X and native 1080p on X1 so maybe they should get a better FPS at 1080p on PS4 and maybe stick with 1440p on pro so it won't affect framerate as bad

PFFT319d ago (Edited 319d ago )


Dont count on it dude. The Pro has a weaker CPU than the X so even if the game is optimized by the time it releases on the Ps4 both the standard Ps4 and Pro wont be without problems.

Rude-ro319d ago

The base ps4 and the pro will perform better than the Xbox one.
That’s the beauty of having the strongest core console for the gen.
If you notice, they can and will only talk about the x version. Sorry about your luck base owners. You can only upgrade again to play this gen games at a bareable standard. Might as well fork out more money now, because the base console is about to be treated like any other old gen console from Microsoft.

DialgaMarine319d ago

Oh, so now the Pro is comparable? I thought you Xbox cheerleaders were saying X was a whole generation ahead of Pro? lol

At least both the PS4 and Pro will handle it much better than Xbone 😉

ziggurcat318d ago

By the time it comes to PS4, it will be the full game, so I think the Pro will handle it just fine.

Stop acting like this game is too massively huge for the Xbox One X to handle, therefore the Pro won't be able to handle it... the issues with the game are a result of the game simply not being optimised to its fullest just yet.

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rainslacker318d ago

I've noticed a distinct lack of mentions on how well games run on the base console. You know, the one that the vast majority of people actually own and makes up a bulk of the Xbox user base. In fact, it seems OGX1 has quickly become an after thought, as if everyone has jumped on board the X1X train, despite all evidence pointing to the opposite.

JackBNimble318d ago

Exactly, the smart xboxers are waiting for next not the mid gen... Lol

ShottyatLaw318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

You're responding to a ps fanboy who just wants to stir up shit, and of course it worked.

The video shows both consoles' performance. I don't have an X. It runs decent now on my system, but there's work to go. Server issues are the bigger problem.

rainslacker317d ago

Yeah well, many people would consider me a PS fan boy as well. And I've noticed a distinct lack of mentions of how well games run on the base console all around, not just with PUBG. The title specifically states the X1X, as if that's the only thing that matters, when the larger audience actually owns the base system. It's like they're trying to say the X1X is worth it, as opposed to holding MS accountable to both systems that they are supposed to be supporting.

This isn't just something about PUBG, but X1 games in general. Even MS barely bothers to give nods to the stock X1. Given MS history of abandoning old tech in favor of new, that should be concerning to anyone with a base X1, or at the very least, I'd think that those with an OGX1 may not care how much better something is over a system that they already own when they have no intention of spending $500 to get something that performs better.

Realms318d ago

LOL. This is not the game you would want to say that about barely getting 30 fps and it used to dip into single digits yeah that's bad no matter how you look at it.

MetroidFREAK21319d ago

It still needs work... Hope Xbox gets another patch soon

PFFT319d ago

Patch 3 will be hitting soon.

MetroidFREAK21319d ago

Sure hope so. I mean I play this version quite often and I have 3 wins under my belt, but man is it a chore to play VS the PC version

PFFT319d ago

The rubberbanding is what pisses me off. Ohh and the crashing too leaving your character exposed to danger.

Shortsorpants319d ago

Crashing is my big complaint right now, nothing like rejoining outside the safe zone. Or rejoining and forgetting it puts all your guns back to single fire mode...

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alb1899318d ago

Ooh I'm enjoying it! I can't stop playing it and it will get only better.