1UP: Riz-Zoawd Hands-On Preview

1UP writes: "Imagine that the Japanese had dreamed up The Wizard of Oz instead of L. Frank Baum, with everything that would entail. Now imagine that they decided to make it into a role-playing game along the lines of the Dragon Quest series. Congratulations, you can now begin to wrap your mind around D3Publisher's Riz-Zoawd.

Pretty much everything, since this is the first we've seen of the title. The demo is pretty polished, though, leading us to believe that the final product is near completion...which is a good thing since it's set to release on New Year's Day 2009."

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PS360WII3541d ago

Oh nice! I almost forgot about this game. Sounds like it has a nice full demo out there. I do hope this gets to the US!