Report: Destiny 2 Rebooted Development 16 Months Before Release

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title of Activision and Bungie has been involved in problems that have repeatedly angered the community of the players. However, there seems to be a good reason for the game to experience errors: Destiny 2 suffered development problems during its production.

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UCForce315d ago

Wow ! Good thing that I didn’t buy this game. Seriously, this game is basically BF2 fiasco. Same goes with MEA.

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CaptainObvious878314d ago

I'm ashamed I spent money on this game. Especially after all the scummy things they've done after release, like looking vahnila players out of the first dungeon they previously had access to when they released the first overpriced, bare as bones DLC.

In my defence I never bought the first one so I wasn't fully aware of how scummy and dishonest they were.

3-4-5313d ago

Same. I bought it...played for 2-3 days, and realized it was literally the same game but some how worse and with less stuff to do.

They ruined multiplayer and it was just bland, boring and not fun. I was never too hardcore into the game but I'm done with the series. Too many other games out there.

NewMonday313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

"I'm ashamed I spent money on this game"

exactly how I feel

FinalFantasyFanatic313d ago

I'm surprised the game turned out as well as it did, but it has a shocking lack of content and alot of scandals and shady dealings. I'm glad I waited so long before making a purchase decision.

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Araragifeels 315d ago

I am not even surprise since Destiny 1 had the same issue.

Parasyte314d ago

Yep. Bungie has been suffering from bad management for a while,

DJStotty314d ago

And everyone assumed they would create better games once they left microsofts management lmao

jznrpg314d ago Show
PUBG314d ago (Edited 314d ago )


Actually, they have been making some great games this generation. There are no sci-fi shooters as good as Halo 5, other than Titanfall 1&2, and there have been no 3rd person shooters as good as Gears 4, other than Uncharted 4 and Ghost Recon Wildlands. In terms of multiplayer, there are not many games that touch the quality or breadth of content that Halo 5 & Gears 4 offer, not by a long shot.

But then we get into Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 2&3, which are among the best racing games this generation. We could also talk about RTS games, and how well Microsoft did with Halo Wars 2. You can criticize the lack of consistent big first party releases, but give credit where it's due.

letsa_go314d ago

I had read too that they are STILL having issues creating content because of the tools they supposedly work with. Sooooo...why have they not spent all this time either coming up with an easier way to create content, or use one of the many tools already premade to create content. They supposedly said 'we can’t do this anymore. This is just too much, this is too hard for us to do - the tools that we work with are really hard to deal with. It’s hard for us to make this much content. It’s just hard making content in general' So make better tools! We are in 2018 now!!! There are tons of tools out there to create content. It is their own fault for coming up with a proprietary engine with no easy way to create content for it.

execution17313d ago

Right... They're just too busy making stuff for the eververse to even bother with any other content

AizenSosuke315d ago

I didn't buy game so I'm set until Feb


well now it all makes sense. I been saying to my friends the game just felt unfinished. The story felt like something cobbled together from a list of generic plot points. it was just as bad if not worse then destiny one which made it even more annoying because it's like ... we already went through this crap wish Destiny 1. you would have thought they had learned a thing or two from that mess, but no they rebooted and made the same mess all over again.

Seraphim314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

yep. that explains why it feels so much like D1 all over again. At least D1 had bounties though. After 3 years of Destiny to see them come back with this was shameful. As is this DLC. Yes Destiny is still a phenomenal game to play, at it's core. Unfortunately the same issues that plagued D1 are present again plus some of Bungies' own doing. Again, the lack of end game content. Shat, the lack of content period. Bungie really screwed themselves and I see A LOT of Destiny fans and friends stepping away from this game and not coming back in 2018. Surely they'll make big claims but w/o a doubt end up offering very little, as usual. I just hope Anthem can deliver a solid mechanical game that has a robust world and end game content to give Bungie a run for their money. Someone needs to step in and make a properly sized game with a solid amount of content to continuously enjoy.

I'd say they need to quit worrying about the masses and make the game they want to make. However I've read numerous times in the past that Bungie themselves are split internally about Destiny. Perhaps it's time to lay out a long term road map and follow it? They can start with decent sized content, more end game content, a variety of events. They're milking us blind while giving us vanilla games and DLC that should be Free-$10.


ya totally agree... it does not help as well that this is basically suposed to be 3 games in the series. When the second game is basically a reboot that does not leave a lot of room left for 3rd game. We should be much further along in terms of story and our knowledge of this amazing universe but so far destiny two has really done nothing to further that and judging by the expansion we have had so far, we are not going to get a lot there either.

so now everything is going to get wrapped up in destiny 3 when we still barely know WTF is going on. Destiny 1 telling an epic story we care about, gets rebooted half way through- ends up telling us nothing. Destiny two will continue this epic story.... gets rebooted half way though - ends up telling us nothing. expansion for destiny only tells us Osiris is some old dude who likes playing with the Vex, thats about it.

you see the pattern developing. shall we start making predictions about how destiny 3 will go? lol

overall it's just a shame. like you said destiny at its core is an amazing game. the only redeeming thing right now is its gameplay and art style. some of the environments are amazing concepts brought to life, its just wasted telling the most dull, generic story they could have come up with.

DJStotty314d ago

Be prepared to get your wallet out for Anthem, you heard it here first

Parasyte314d ago

One of the first things they need to do to fix this thing is fire Luke Smith. Why he got his job as Game Director I will never know. His previous job was doing the same thing at Kotaku that Kevin Shrier does now. All bad decisions ultimately fall on the head man in charge, and that is Luke Smith. Put Chris Barret, head of the Live team, in charge of the franchise.

kevnb314d ago

the story is the least of its problems, nobody would mind the story if the missions were more varied, if level design was more inspired and not just copy and paste hallways with a horde at the end in small space. They also completely messed up the pvp..

madforaday314d ago

You can say that about almost any game, Uncharted, go there, kill bunch of pirates or mercenaries go forward. The Division, Go there defend, move forward. That is the way of gaming since a long time. We don't get games like Goldeneye where you have to find the mission and do something particular to complete it.

Also, the PvP is hands down better than D1, D1 is more of a casual type game which is fine, so I expect more people to prefer it. They just need to add more game modes like in every other PvP game.

kevnb313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Uncharted has actual good level design though, it’s not just tiny flat areas with a few pillars and brainless bullet sponges. Division I don’t know, was never interested in it.

chris235314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

the sad thing is, everybody could have seen this coming. but rationality got killed by everybody and their mother going „deeewd, sh00tergame, yesss!“. from that perspective the audacity of the devs and publishers is understandable. what i can‘t understand is why today‘s gamers don‘t set an example and just don‘t buy these freaking rehashes.

D3TH_D33LR314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Only year 1 destiny sucked. You can’t blame people for thinking a developer couldn’t just stick with something that worked for the past two years and then make it even better than the first game. Instead we went back to square one which isn’t what anybody who picked up Destiny would’ve thought and tons bought it including myself. It’s nothing to do with yayyy shooter gamez dude”. From that audacity I’d say you probably think you’re some “woke” gamer who hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about.

Parasyte314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Nah. Judging by his comment history, he is the type of "hardcore" gamer that hates on casual gamers, and acts like he is edgey by being a sarcastic douche.

D3TH_D33LR314d ago

Lmao I’m not surprised. I didn’t bother checking but I should’ve so not to waste my time

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