GameSpot TGS 2008: Hard Working People Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Imagine a scenario in which the Earth is threatened by a gigantic meteor on a course to wipe out everything on this planet. How could we possibly save ourselves from such a menacing danger? Try this: Do your job. Are you a farmer? Do your job. Bodybuilder? Do your job. That's the premise behind Hudson's upcoming minigame collection Hard Working People (or Job Island in the EU), a game in which the whole of humanity pools together the money it earns doing its nine-to-five duties in order to build a superweapon to destroy the meteor threatening our planet. Earlier today, we did our civic duty by playing Hard Working People at Hudson's Tokyo Game Show booth.

Hard Working People's listing of occupation clocks in at an impressive 50. While only nine jobs were on display in the TGS demo we played, they spanned quite a wide gap between the glamorous and the everyday. Besides the aforementioned farmer and bodybuilder occupations, you can also play as a grill cook, clown, haunted house crew, fisherman, or stunt car driver. Some of the other jobs that weren't playable include skydiving cameraman, interpreter, astronaut, and airplane cleaner."

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