5 Xbox One games with big 2018 DLC release plans

Richard writes: "We have already shown you our Top 5 games to be released in 2018, but what if none of those tickled your fancy and instead you are more interested in prolonging the games that you have already? Well here is an alternative Top 5 for you, just this time the games have already released but have some big plans for DLC in 2018!"

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morganfell315d ago

Xbox One games? Ahhh I see. They mean multiplatform games that are on Xbox.

cityboy100315d ago

@morganfell did I miss something? The article didn't say XBox One exclusive games. BTW nice try.

morganfell315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Yes you did miss something. I wasn't trying to do anything. Its as misleading when they say the same thing and instead of Xbox use PS4. If they said "5 Multiplatform games with big 2018 DLC release plans" that would have been clear and made complete sense.

mandingo314d ago

Xbox One games mean they aren’t on PS4 you troll