Best Racing Game of 2017

VGChartz's Daniel Carreras: "It’s been an unusual year for the racing scene. On the one hand it was set to be one of the best of the generation, with major entries in a number of acclaimed franchises all releasing in 2017, featuring gorgeous cars, better graphics, and a wide variety of gameplay types. On the other hand many of these releases were marred by a disappointing lack of content, or were plagued by the lootbox issues that caused such a ruckus throughout the industry this year. Although they may not have been as good as we hoped or expected, the releases that made the shortlist for this year's Best Racing Game were nonetheless worthy of some recognition and still managed to provide excellent gameplay experiences."

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Kumakai220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

F7 is like triple the game. You should try it. It looks better too (at least comparing f7 on my X and gt on my Pro). The sim is slightly better in gt but everything else is better in f7. I have both. Actually I have PCars2 also which has a better sim than both gt and f7 and is prob the most authentic to the actual rules of racing than both of them but f7 Is still the most rounded with th most cars, tracks, customizations, community and more. It’s really good.

Sunny_D220d ago

“It looks better too (at least comparing f7 on my X and gt on my Pro).”


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sampsonon219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

"The sim is slightly better in gt but everything else is better in f7." the title of the article is "Best Racing game" not best looking or how many school buses the game has. oh! and GT Sport has way better car models than F7

rainslacker219d ago

GT is a slightly better sim?

Sorry, but Forza isn't a sim. It's an arcade racer. It's mechanics are great for what it is, but GT is a sim, and a good one at that, Forza isn't a sim at all.

C-H-E-F219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Stop with that crap yo, we all know GT Sport looks better and is a better sim although its on the Pro a "lesser" system. Compare the facts stop with the illusion that Microsoft convinced you to believe. F7 isn't even a sim btw

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UltimateRacer220d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing. GTsports for me is without doubt the best.

tucky220d ago

I like equally GT sport and forza 7 ... for different reasons

sizeofyou220d ago

Totally agree.
Love the content of Forza and slowly working my way through the single player, but it's not what I'd consider a simulation now. When I sit down with a wheel in front of me, it has to be GTS. Both entertaining in different ways...

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LateNightThirst220d ago

Hard one for me, I think FM7 is MUCH more dynamic with a lot more content. But GT Sport has a charm to it especially its GT Sport Mode which bring a completely different dynamic to online racing. To me I’d give it to FM7 purely from the fact it’s got a much better car list and a lot more real world tracks, but both are great games

aaronaton220d ago

Gt sport is far the best racing game this gen. It's like comparing Aldi to Waitrose in terms of quality.

DigitallyAfflicted219d ago

Didn’t play any other racers since GTSport, and I’m not interested in off line campaign simply because the online racing against real drivers is sort of racing driver carrier an is very rewording. Once you try you are hooked on it.

Mr Marvel220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

GT Sport easily for me.
Now with the Campaign content added it doesn't feel so bare-bones and the game mechanics are perfection (especially with a decent wheel). Then there's the graphics... holy f**k!

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