GameSpot TGS 2008: Tales of Hearts Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Tales of Hearts producer Hideo Baba wants Tales fans to send strong wishes his way. Why? Because the DS entry in this famed role-playing series has not yet been confirmed for a US release. Well, Hideo, we're in your court. After playing a bit of the game and finding out more details, we're certainly sending a few good thoughts of our own. Tales of Hearts looks to be another solidly straightforward entry for the franchise, and we thought we'd share a few details on what to expect should the game make it stateside.

Combat seems initially familiar: One button lands standard attacks, while another performs artes, the game's equivalent of magic spells. However, there are a few variations over the last few Tales games. First off, battle movement doesn't offer the freedom that previous games have included. But just because you're limited to a 2D plane of movement doesn't mean that combat lacks strategy. Baba indicated through a translator that height will be a major factor of many battles, so you'll need to be conscious of both the horizontal and vertical planes. He compared it to the combat in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Phantasia."

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