GameSpot TGS 2008: Inazuma Eleven 2 Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "One of the two playable Level 5 games at this year's Tokyo Game Show is Inazuma Eleven 2. It seems to be another soccer role-playing game that takes place at a school. The last game must have done well because it was just released this past summer and they're already working on the next. Level 5 seems to be fairly random with its games, but Inazuma Eleven 2 appears to be a fun RPG aimed at kids and those who liked the first game. We started a game from the beginning and were introduced to a fresh-faced young boy who was itching to play some soccer.

The opening anime cut scene gave us a good look at what some young boys do in their spare time--play on their Nintendo DS, play cards and not getting enough exercise. We see another boy walk into the room with a soccer ball and try to convince his friends to play with him. The others didn't seem to want to move a muscle, so he leaves the room, looking a little rejected. Since our young athlete doesn't want to join in on the more laid-back hobbies, we took him outside to check out the surroundings."

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