Best Horror Game of 2017

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "If you love to be terrified or grossed out, 2017 was the year for you. There were small-scale psychological horror games, big-budget bloodbaths, and, thanks to the emergence of virtual reality, some (literally) in-your-face frights. Dead by Daylight scored points for its asymmetrical multiplayer options. The Evil Within 2 built on the freaky foundation Shinji Mikami set three years ago. Outlast II asked its players to run and hide, in true survival-horror fashion. Resident Evil VII brought arguably the most famous and beloved horror franchise back to respectability and, incidentally, into the first-person perspective."

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ArchangelMike346d ago

I'm loving Resident Evil VII, I got the gold edition, and I have to say I'm loving the DLC. I did not expect to be spending so much time playing the DLC over the main game. Definitely worth the GOTY.

GaboonViper346d ago

Great year for horror, my favourite genre, can't wait for Resi 2.