Peter Molyneux Hates Puppies

Here goes the logic:

Peter M. creates a new Fable II and adds in a companion dog
Fans rejoice!
Peter M. gets feedback from gamer that he finds hurting his virtual dog funny
Peter finds this fantastic

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taz80803539d ago

Peter Molyneux is weird guy and no matter how hard I try to understand him, he does something else weird.

I am really looking forward to Fable II but sometimes I wonder.

Arsenic133538d ago

Can the game media stop taking every sentence he says into news?!
The game will be fun, but holy crap, if he sneezes at a Sony booth will that be news to!?

Isn't this a blog. How is this news? Its some random dudes query.

Pebz3538d ago

I guess a certain someone isn't too familiar with Black & White or pretty much any other Peter Molyneux game. The CHOICE to mistreat your pets/minions was always a part of his games.

Besides this not being newsworthy, it's not even technically news, being old and all that.

taz80803538d ago

But the pet aspect in Fable II is a major concept, it was supposed to be a companion. Why bother mistreating it or killing it? And why even bother having it be tortured instead of just being dismissed?

taz80803538d ago

Peter Molyneux continues to make odd requests and statements, really serves as good publicity for the upcoming Fable game, perhaps it just needs the extra push to compensate?