Hirokazu Hamamura: Monster Hunter World Could Sell 10 Million Copies; Final Fantasy XV at 7 Million

Japanese industry legend Hirokazu Hamamura has high expectations for sales of Monster Hunter World, both worldwide and in Japan.

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corroios106d ago

It will be the first big hit of 2018. No doubt about that. The Beta was good and im sold.

michellelynn0976106d ago

Nope. It was good and Bethesda was happy. So yeah, it was good whether or not you like it.

FullmetalRoyale105d ago

Did you reply to the wrong comment?


Araragifeels 105d ago

Bethesda????? This is a Capcom game.

CrimsonWing69104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

The guy says it will be a big hit and that he was sold on the beta and your response is it's good whether he liked it or not?

I'm not even going to touch the Bethesda part of the comment...


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FallenAngel1984106d ago

I hope FFXV reaches 10 million sold

Neonridr106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I dunno if I would expect like 12-15% of the PS4 audience to purchase Monster Hunter.

Outside_ofthe_Box106d ago

What do you mean? I'm pretty sure he meant 10 million across all three platforms.

Neonridr106d ago

oh fair enough.. I wasn't even thinking about that.. :P

For some reason I had PS4 exclusive in my head meanwhile it's coming to both XB1 and PC as well. Thanks for clearing that up, lol.

Gemmol105d ago

It's a ps4 exclusive in Japan but you are right it would be hard for it to sell a lot in fantasy xv sold 1 million in Japan and it do not chart any more it will never reach 2 million in Japan...... Dragon quest 11 ps4 retail sales stop charting after it reach 1.3 million aka 1,300,000, right now even with holidays sales it still did chart, so it sales will never reach 2 million retail........ Square enix really have to thank America and Europe for the 6 million final fantasy sales and from steam with all those sales and humble bundle.......without those it would of sold bad

Capcom looked at both final fantasy and dragon quest they know the most ps4 version of monster hunter will sell 700k to 1.4 million before it stop chart, so they hoping just like final fantasy it hopes America and Europe will help the numbers and if they can make a pc version for steam and etc i can see monster hunter selling lowest 5 million all together matching the highest selling monster hunter on Sony psp

Outside_ofthe_Box105d ago

That's a fair assessment. Now that you broke it down like that 10 million seems unlikely and 5 million WW seems more realistic. Given that PS4 isn't popular in japan, about 5.5 million(?) sold, 1 million sold over there would be a great feat. They would have to get the rest overseas, 2-2.5 mil on PS4, 0.5-1 mil on XB1, 0.5-1 mil on PC(The PC version is coming at a later date so it could have a negative impact on sales).

That's how I see it playing out. FF is a far more popular IP in the west on home consoles than Monster Hunter is.

septemberindecember106d ago

I don’t think MH: World will reach 10 million copies unless it really strikes a chord with western audiences.

Who knows though! Hopefully it does well

JaysonTatum105d ago

this "western" gamer has bought it... there's just so much depth and detail to this game. I'm happy to support something which looks to have quite a bit work committed.

septemberindecember104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I’m glad that you are enjoying the beta. I’m not trying to diss the quality of the game. I’m just saying that, traditionally, Monster Hunter sells the most in Japan (by a lot), not the US or Europe.

It’s being released on three platforms, but one of them is non existent in Japan (Xbox) and another is unpredictable (PC). I’m just not sure if it will hit 10M total. My personal prediction would be closer to 6 million, with the bulk of it selling on the PS4.

PhoenixUp106d ago

MHW ain’t selling that much

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