Rain-soaked tracks coming to Gran Turismo Sport

One major flaw currently present in Gran Turismo Sport is the lack of wet weather tracks. As a matter of fact, the situation is so dire that currently, only one track includes this “feature”.

Fortunately, there's good news on the weather front.

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XMessiah23x16d ago

How can a game take as long as GT be as poorly reviewed and not be a finished product.

Atticus_finch16d ago

A game that is highly detailed. GT is a finished product and it is receiving more content. You don't know what your talking about.

itsmebryan16d ago

He is talking about the fact they keep adding content that should have been in the game in the first place. They had plenty of time to finish.
But, the online only saves are insane.

LP-Eleven16d ago

Of course he doesn't. He doesn't game on PlayStation but spends much of his time in articles about its games. You just have to ignore him and move on!

OT: This game just continues to get better and better!

boing116d ago


'They had plenty of time to finish.'

I'm sorry, but this has to be the most ignorant statement I have read this week. And I read a lot. This clearly shows you have absolutely no clue about game development.

sampsonon16d ago

a game that isn't a copy and paste game like another title that i won't mention.
the level of detail in GT Sport is almost as good as Drive Club.

darthv7215d ago

But wasnt it reported that they used assets from gt6 to build this?

Drive club... now that is a bona fide original game. I miss evolution studios. Motorstorm still kicks ass.

blacktiger16d ago

With your comment, I'm assuming you didn't see the game details

XbladeTeddy16d ago

Felt finished day one for me. I got it for a good racing and driving experience and that is what this game gives.

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showtimefolks16d ago (Edited 16d ago )


i guess millions who bought/buying and enjoying it may disagree with you comment about it being unfinished To you it may feel unfinished because you aren't used to receiving free DLC/content and you rather have a $50 season pass attached to the game to make yourself feel good about buying a finished game

still was at #8 this past week in sales and will remain in top 10-15 for a while. GT games aren't copy and paste like forza. It takes time to develop a game from ground up

InTheZoneAC16d ago

without google, tell me what's missing from this game right now.

FyBy16d ago

Not finished? Why? It had everything dev presented. PD have one disadvantage. They are possesed by details. So their development takes a loooong time. Im glad they released it when they released it. I enjoyed it and still enjoying it. Its up to taste of every player.

trooper_16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

At least the content is free.
There's nothing wrong with a game that expands its longevity.

But you can't help trolling, it seems.

Mexxan15d ago

Obviously, not someone who owns or plays GT. I bought a Pro a few weeks after my X just for GT. Simply brilliant. The only neg is that I can turn the whopping great rear view mirror off on bumper cam.
Overall, it makes this year's Forza look and feel like a dated comical and arcade take on racing. Especially online. GT has class, Forza 7 is like wacky races, a broken farce.

jaycptza15d ago

seriously what the do you know about game development?

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hennessey8616d ago

You can look through my history, i've been a bit of a Forza fanboy for many years now.................But GT sport has won me back, what a sim. The rally physics are incredible, the force feed back is brilliant and the sound is the best on console and not that far behind the best on PC. I still play Forza 7, but in terms of driving it feels like a step back every time I play it. GT sport is the best GT since number 3 in my opinion and if they keep adding content like they are doing it could end up being the best ever.

chiefJohn11716d ago

Gotta disagree, when it comes to racers, the physics,l sound and presentation are all close and a minimal difference so for me it always comes down to content which gt lacks which I shouldn't have to explain

thehitman139816d ago

Lol then I won't have to explain that GT got a HUGE update with massive single player content, cuz you already know bout that cuz you actually play the game. I mean, am I right or am I right??

cyber_daemonx15d ago

Content lol. Thats the only thing forza has over gt and that difference is rapidly diminishing. Personally gameplay and physics trumps 'content' especially when that content is hiding in loot boxes and mts.

Silly gameAr15d ago

Sounds like you've actually played it, unlike a lot of people that seem like they always have something to say about it (and a lot of reviewers)

Dannylew16d ago

this is not a new story man...

take a look..from 10 november 2017. not 5 jan 2018..

KickSpinFilter16d ago

Hopefully it's the tech from Driveclub that weather system has yet to be matched.
Plus mimic interactive puddles from Forza 7.
Best of both worlds

rainslacker16d ago

I thought the weather in DC itself was very well done, I just didn't like driving in most of the weather effects.

It was probably because that once they implemented it, they used it way too often, so going through the grind, it became frustrating to have what could have been really fun races be annoying because of the change in road dynamics, on top of the wonky AI which would without fail overtake you if you made even the slightest mistake.

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