GameSpot TGS 2008: Tom Clancy's HAWX Pilot Assistance Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "om Clancy's HAWX has the look of a hardcore flight simulator. Everything is sharp and accurately modeled, from jets to buildings, terrain to clouds. But don't assume you'll need a pilot's license to fly this plane; the fighters in HAWX eschew painstakingly realistic flight physics. Instead, these birds handle more like you'd want a real jet to handle in a video game: true enough to life to feel realistically challenging, but not so faithful that you can't pull off a sweet midair drift maneuver to outflank your opponents. In the spirit of this accessibility, HAWX includes an extensive pilot assistance program that helps players tackle advanced flight missions even if they have little to no experience. We took a look at the latest build of HAWX at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show and got a tour of this helpful feature.

Flying is tough business. Pursuing midair targets at high speed can leave you with little chance to actually engage the enemy, and destroying ground targets can be tricky when you're screaming overhead at hundred of miles per hour. Enter pilot assistance. As soon as you target an enemy, a line of neon triangles will appear on screen. This line delineates the path you should take to best engage your foe. Not only does is show you the direction you should fly, but it tells you when to pitch and yaw so you feel like you're really taking a keen approach. The same line will also appear when you've been targeted by an enemy missile, only it will show you the best evasion route, rather than the best pursuit course. This is HAWX's way of making you a smarter pilot while still enabling you to succeed during missions."

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