2018 is Shaping Up to Be a Stronger Year for Japanese Game Fans Than 2017

2018 is looking to be a stronger year for fans of Japanese games than 2017. We run you through the hottest titles coming from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Jinger48d ago

Are you suggesting that KH3 will actually release in 2018?

47d ago
Eonjay48d ago

There are no such things as Japanese games. There are games made in Japan, by Japanese devs, but there is no one Japanese style that describes all games made by them. American devs make games, not American games. It is so stupid to me to assign attributes that don't exist to something just so you ave something to talk about.

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rainslacker47d ago

Generally the term is used to refer to Otaku style games. But yeah, you are right, there is no actual one style for Japanese games, just like with every other region's games. There can be similar traits between devs i a similar region though.

indyman7746d ago

I see what your trying to say....but when friends come over and see a JRPG they always say there you go playing them JRPG's again.

Relientk7748d ago

Very excited for Dragon Quest XI and Ni no Kuni 2

48d ago
kalkano48d ago

Very much looking forward to Trails of Cold Steel 3, Dragon Quest 11, Fire Emblem Switch (Mainline), and Valkyria Chronicles 4.

48d ago
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