Should There be a Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Remake for Switch? - Debate

"Andrew and I, along with Dustin Meyers of Squatch Gaming chat about what we want to see Game Freak do with Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch. Andrew begs for a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remake, while Dustin dreads the idea. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the classic Pokemon titles on Switch, but I don’t think it’s the best idea for Nintendo to come out of the gate with a generation-four remake on its latest home console." - Nintendo Enthusiast

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-Foxtrot317d ago

Long as they keep the mega evolutions and the like out of it sure...either that or make it so they don't appear in the main Switch games. Being on the Nintendo Switch now they can easily start the franchise off in a brand new Universe.

315d ago
DJK1NG_Gaming317d ago

Only after Generation 8 started.
Remakes only happen after the generation they appear in started.
Gen 1 remake came after Pokemon RS
Gen 2 remake came after Pokemon DP&P
Gen 3 remake came after Pokemon XY
Gen 4 remake will come after Pokemon Gen 8 games which would make it 2020.

DialgaMarine315d ago

What about Sun and Moon. Technically, that means D & P should’ve come in 2017, which would’ve made sense given that’s their 10th anniversary.

Xerneas315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

What about Black & White? No remake until the Ruby & Sapphire remakes after X & Y. Seems like the pattern is this: only one remake per console generation.

GBA had remakes for Red & Green (Blue)
DS had Gold & Silver
3DS had Ruby & Sapphire
Switch will have Diamond & Pearl
Next gen will have Black & White...maybe also Black & White 2.

DJK1NG_Gaming315d ago

Sun and Moon will most likely not get a remake. Neither will Black & White or XY for the simple fact that starting with Gen V Game Freak wanted to get new players into Pokemon which is why Gen V had 156 new Pokemon.

Lexreborn2315d ago

To be honest, I kinda wish Pokémon would take a break. I have moved towards taking a break between every entry because I’m really tired of playing the same games on a “newer” device.

I’m like Gameboy advanced days it was fire red leaf green. Then we just got heart gold soul silver followed by omega ruby alpha sapphire. It’s really tiresome between already buying a prettt much identical game twice then buying two games you already played again.

I realized after a while spending 80 on essentially the same game then to spend another 80 on a remake.... well it’s just not very smart of me. Now we have people wanting a new game for switch PLUS two remakes? That’s 240 dollars that I would hope isn’t even a thing. If we get a console version let it be one game I can catch everything in.

Cyro315d ago

I mean you don't have to buy every single version of Pokemon. Sounds more like a you problem than Pokemon.

DialgaMarine315d ago

To be fair, each remake added plenty of new things on top of the original versions.

Gemmol315d ago

Either you have not played them and you only saying stuff based off your fire red experience from way back but the games add new features with each game not just new evolution, things to make it easier to play with others online and etc....... If everyone believe what you said the games would not one buy same experience over and over, well call of duty a different story but with RPG games it's different

Lexreborn2315d ago

For the guys stating the obvious. In my very post I said "To be honest, I kinda wish Pokémon would take a break. I have moved towards taking a break between every entry because I’m really tired of playing the same games on a “newer” device."

Key words being "To be honest" "I Kinda wish" "I" "well it’s just not very smart of me.", this is all emphasized in my statements. So saying things like "you don't have to buy every single version" or "If everyone believe what you said the games would not sell" has already been addressed in my post. So, it's a redundant thing to do to repeat it in a since of defense towards a differing opinion that already stated those very things.

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DialgaMarine315d ago

Maybe? I wouldn’t mind playing through Diamond again, but since they skipped on 3DS, they’re likely waiting until after they’ve established a new gen on Switch, which might be a couple years off.

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