LawBreakers Publisher Blames “Blockbuster” PUBG For the Game’s Lower Than Expected Sales

The publisher of LawBreakers, Nexon, believes that the launch timing of the shooter was unfortunate with PUBG becoming available as well.

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ninsigma316d ago

So basically they're saying it's unfortunate a game that everyone thought was better released at the same time...

NewMonday316d ago

lame excuse, LawBreakers had more hype than PUBG

ninsigma316d ago

Yeah I'd never heard of PUBG until it was shown at Microsofts E3 conference. Law breakers was definitely a bigger name.

Death316d ago

Pfft. I thought for sure they were going to take full responsibility and blame Comey. Got to love living in a world where “personal responsibility” is an oxymoron. It’s pretty clear Cliff made a game that no one wanted. It happens.

Septic316d ago

PubG isn't even out on PS4 lol.

Rude-ro316d ago

Yet @septic.
Just timed release... but by the sound of it... ps4 is not missing anything yet.

DaMist316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


I think septic is referring to their weak excuse, as in, PUBG isn't out on PS4, so why wasn't Lawbreakers successful there at least.

thekhurg316d ago

Lawbreakers killed Lawbreakers.

It's a fast paced, high action, twitch 600mph shooter, with increased Z-Axis movement built into the game. It's far too much for standard gaming audiences to handle. It's a niche experience, and since it's an online shooter, that niche experience killed the game.

Frodosmugins315d ago

I knew there was a Cliff game out there somewhere but I never heard of lawbreakers till it died.

ravinash314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Personally I think it was Overwatch which shot down Lawbreakers.
It already had the multiplayer team shooter wrapped up just before Lawbreakers came out.
It also has more character that Lawbreakers which looked more generic in comparison.

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aarogree316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Even though the releases of the game were separated by several months. And the games had nothing in common.

Mr Pumblechook316d ago

Don't blame market conditions, blame your game.

Michiel1989316d ago

i do think they appael to the same audience, most players who play pubg, fortnite etc also like overwatch /cs/lawbreakers. But to say that pubg ruined their release is just ignorance.

CliffyB ruined the game by sitting on his high horse. At least he finally got kicked off it and is now humble as fuck. Also there was hardly any promotion for the game.

Mr Pumblechook315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

@Michiel1989. I really don't think PUBG is an adequate explanation because PUBG is not available on PS4 and LawBreakers still failed to sell on that platform. I don't even think the obnoxious Cliffy B. is to blame because if the game had an attractive appeal it would have still bought the players.

Before the game was released when they were showing footage the game's biggest problem is that it just seemed GENERIC and BLAND. Like a churned out second-rate TPS from the 360 days. I can't remember a single character from the marketing. Maybe the mechanics were great but early in development the team should have taken the time to ask 'Why will gamers want to play this game above the competition?'

AngelicIceDiamond316d ago

Getting sick of devs blaming EVERYONE but themselves for a failure of a game.

316d ago
getbacktogaming316d ago

I'd argue LawBreakers was a better game in the 'polished' sense yet PUBG is much more innovative and original ... and that makes it a more successful game.

SuperSonic91315d ago

LoL at Cliffy.
He predicted the doom of console gaming.
He just reaps what he sow.

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FlyingFoxy316d ago

PUBG had review scores in the 7.x range, and according to sheep who hang around reviewers like flies on crap, they say it's a bad score.

I don't pay attention to people who say "this sux but this is great", i have my own tastes and likes. Many people liked Dead Island, i didn't.. I enjoyed the L4D and Killing Floor series way more.

Console players didn't even know what KF or PUBG was until they came to console.

yeahokwhatever316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

PUBG is hella broken, but even so, its a great game. I'm glad Sony is waiting to allow the game on their platform. I have it for PC, and I've had it for a while, and its a broken game that is not what you should want representing your platform. Hopefully the additional 60 million + PS4 potential customers can make BlueHole(<-worst name ever) fix their broken mess in a timely manner. The game is rampant with cheating, exploiting, glitches, bugs, and crashes. Just walk around the maps and you can see silly things like trees floating above the terrain, items floating sort of near things, loot that is too close to doors so you cant pick it up without accessing the inventory screen, and rocks you can literally crawl into. Its a hot mess, but its fun. Give it time.

315d ago
yumi76316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I blame the fact it was lead by Cliffy B. who has alienated everyone on every side of the fence.

And even if a game was to be blamed I would blame Overwatch, which was what they like Battleborn and so many other tried and failed to copy.

316d ago
yeahokwhatever316d ago

A ton of people thought Lawbreakers was an Overwatch clone, and Overwatch it too good of a game for anyone to want to invest in a knock-off. Lawbreakers isn't really anything like Overwatch, and so it's rather unfortunate that it was sort of perceived as such. Had they said its more of an Unreal Tournament clone more people would have been possibly interested. Possibly.

Kribwalker316d ago

he definitely shouldn’t have shunned and talked smack to his biggest fan base (the xbox crowd). CliffyB is now nothing more then a clown to all fan bases instead of just the PC and Sony fan base

yumi76316d ago

Or ya know he should have had the foresight not to talk crap about the PS3 and PC way before anything to do with xbox. And if you think this game would have sold better if it had been on xbox your kidding yourself, this game was doomed from the start.

"Something something burning bridges something something..."

gangsta_red316d ago

Just goes to show that even though we always hear the thumping of chests about the bigger fanbase it isn't always a garuntee that the game will do well with them.

Nexon and Cliffy could have taken their chances and released on all platforms since the architecture is basically the same and went from there.

This is why I scratch my head when I hear these excuses from developers as there has to be more behind the scenes for these reasons. (Checks being made$$)

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

I have to agree wholeheartedly, I think Cliffy B. was a big factor in the game's lack of success, I remember many people here saying they wouldn't buy the game because he was at the helm. The other problem is the gameplay, from what I've see in Youtube videos, it seems to be a blander, somewhat flawed version of Overwatch.

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-Foxtrot316d ago


Guys it was beaten by Overwatch first and foremost...Cliffy B and the rest of them were comparing it to OW before it even released.

So it was beaten by old games and new ones....maybe it was just a bad game.

Rude-ro316d ago

Not a bad game, just online only fast paced twitch based shooters never really make dent in the market.
Not saying some make it through, but it very little of a chance of a game like that to dominate.
Overwatch is more casual and pubg is definitely nothing like a twitch based shooter.

yeahokwhatever316d ago

It's actually a really solid fast-paced(WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAY faster than OW) arena shooter. Comparing it to OW was what I believe sealed its fate.

Salooh316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

It's simple, the game design was too shallow. It needed more unique and addcitive feeling, some games provide a story to achieve that, some provide a great background and great design to the characters, they needed something like that. Gameplay wasn't enough. Look at rainbow six siege, even if you don't play it you can admire it because what it deliever feels solid. They lacked that feeling to their game. Despite PUBG being a clone , it had that unique feeling to it. It changed enough to satisfy people.

No matter what they blame, the game needs more refining to be relavent, memories, praised. This will encourage gamers to share their experience of their game. If they can't see that than they need to put more time in looking for what will satisfy gamers before releasing a game.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

I think the game was just to bland, or simple, it needed more to standout from the crowd.

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RAM0N 316d ago

I was going to buy it but then I played the beta.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

Would you mind sharing your opinion on the gameplay? I get the feeling this is where the game falls down, from what I've seen on Youtube it doesn't have much depth.

Liqvid315d ago

The combat actually has a lot of depth and is very skill-based. Traversing the map with the grappling hook and stabbing people with the Assassin was so much fun.

To me, it's unfortunate that the game failed. I loved the gameplay, but unfortunately, shortly after launch, the population became so low that I couldn't find matches.

Tbh, the only thing I didn't like about the game was the art style. Was pretty generic. Maybe if it had a more unique art direction the game could have been more popular.

Oh well, at least I had a blast during alpha/beta. I hope I can see a similar game soon.