Hardcore Gamers Vs. Casual Gamers: Round 1

William Usher of Blend Games writes:

I have to say, this is our biggest battle yet. This isn't just a competition between better features or more players, this is a battle of the ages; bigger than Godzilla versus Barbie, or Rambo versus Bill Cosby. Heck, this is even bigger than Steven Seagal versus weight loss. This is all about the hardcore gamer taking on the casual gamer. Which one of these social groups does the video game community better justice? Which group of gamers are more likely to propel the industry forward? Are hardcore gamers fanaticism better suited for the industry than casual gamers' lack of fanaticism? It's time to put down the gloves and curl up the fists, because we're about to get ready to rumble.

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Harry1903567d ago

plays casual games too.

Pixel_Addict3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Having everyone fight over a 'console war' not good enough? What ever happened to the shades of grey that life is really about? I'm not a hardcore gamer OR a casual gamer. I do not buy every hyped steroid infused shooter, nor do I only play casual games all day. I do visit game sites often, but I don't register to most and I don't throw down 6 bucks to buy a gaming mag either, yet I do read the latest issues at B&N.

There are FAR more people who are somewhere in the middle than these gaming sites would lead us to believe. These are artificial feuds that are created by those who benefit from them; game sites that need the traffic, console manufactures that benefit from brand loyalty. None of these 'wars' benefit gamers. Tactics like these have been implemented in every aspect of society be it, racial, economical, gender, and so on. It's a sad way for people to find and exercise purpose and meaning in an other wise empty existence. Anyway, hope every one's having a good day :)

Crazywhitie3567d ago

well going my the pictures i'll have to side with the casual gamers...

HairyBrownSack3567d ago

360 gamers versus casualstation 3 n00bs.

we win.

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