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Raff: The original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii was a big adventure revolving around a sword called the ‘Monado’. It had a cast of British voice actors and an interesting storyline. Five years later, in 2015, Xenoblade Chronicles X launched on the Wii U. It was the first to introduce a create-your-own character, but the story is a bit of a hit and miss. Fast forward to the first day of December 2017, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was released for the Nintendo Switch. It not only has surpassed the original’s huge world, it has also done great overall.

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zerzititri347d ago

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narsaku347d ago

How does one give this game 9/10???

I'm serious.

~While it's not a bad game the combat is super repetitive, boring and slow. The story, while having a cool origin, really just boils down to, "protect ur big boob waifu from bad men and Sephiroth's cousin.", and none of the characters really seem to belong together. The voice acting is horrible especially in combat with that little fat bunny guy who keeps screaming annoying noises, the way the quest markers work is super frustrating and I get lost all the time, the player physics and movement is off which makes it really uncomfortable to move around the game, the combat is way to advanced for what this game isn't and this product is FULLLLLL of typical weeb anime tropes. The stupid bad guy, the bad guy who's actually good, the jealous girl, the hinata, the silly pet, Sephiroth, the angry mercenary etc etc etc etc etc~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Trust me, every character u meet is a typical trope. It gets old very quickly.

Maybe it's just because I ended this year on this after playing a good JRPG like BOTW, but idk man... 9/10?.. That's pretty hard to believe. Like, everyone talks about opinions, but mechanically far superior JRPG games have come out since the PS1 and have all worked together to set the bar far higher for like 20 years.

I'd say overall It's better than the last Star Ocean game, but not by much.

Dowie347d ago

Couldn't agree more.

Unfortunately you'll have a bunch of silent Nintendo fans and weebs downvoting you. Mostly because its the only real JRPG exclusive the switch has.

It's not an awful game its just incredibly average for the most part and flawed elsewhere. There are some moments where I just can't believe people accept this crap in modern games.

I remember fighting a boss and getting one-shotted about 5 minutes in the fight. No idea what happened, I just died. Approached the fight the exact same way and I did it fine, not even close to dying. It's almost like the game is just RNG based and you just hope you get a good roll against the boss on the next attempt.

I also love it when my AI partners stand in lava and kill themselves during a fight...really wish I had a way to make them not kill themselves during a lengthy fight..

DEKUX12347d ago

never happened to me. and u do know blades have dif def and stats so maybe u had a shitty blade on