GameSpy: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Preview

GameSpy writes: "I got to sit down with Yoshinori Yamagashi, Producer of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, for a demo session of the latest RPG in the long-running series. Time was limited, so he took us through a quick look at the new battle system and showed off a bit of the CG.

Mash and Dash

Like prior games in the series, The Last Hope strives to hit a sweet spot with AI-controlled party members and action/RPG mechanics. Basic attacks are executed by pressing the A button, and pressing it multiple times will execute a combo of sorts. With up to four characters present in your party, you can switch between them by hitting the right bumper, so if you're not into playing the burly sword-wielder, you can elect to play with a magic user or healer."

+A throwback approach to action/RPGs that actually innovates on tradition
+High-res graphics and futuristic art direction

-Non-fans may feel a little lost or miss out on some of the references

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