GameSpy: White Knight Chronicles Preview

GameSpy writes: "One of the most impressive games featured at TGS was White Knight Chronicles, Level-5's most recent work that blends together a classic single-player RPG and a full-featured online game that can be enjoyed over PSN by a party of four players. Both ways to play offer a considerable amount of detail and customization, as we learned today during Sony's presentation, which was the only way to see White Knight Chronicles other than in a short movie on the show floor.

As one would expect, summarizing the game's storyline in a couple of short sentences was not the best way for Level-5 to introduce White Knight Chronicles to a wide audience, but we did learn something new about the previously seen characters. The game takes place in the kingdom of Balandor, where Princess Cisna is having a celebration for her coming of age. A hostile entity called the Wizard breaks into the middle of the party, looking for some sort of special power, but for some reason ends up kidnapping the Princess instead. Young Leonard tries unsuccessfully to defend Cisna and in doing so he discovers an artifact that gives him the power to transform into a giant white knight. With this new power in his hands he embarks in a quest to rescue the Princess."

+Full online mode parallel to the single-player adventure
+Customizable avatar system
+Giant knights look magnificent on-screen

-The game was not playable at TGS
-Some of the gameplay elements and most of the plot are not disclosed yet

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