Mario vs. Sonic in 2017: Why Odyssey worked but Sonic Forces failed

Nintendo understands Mario's core mechanical appeal, while Sega keeps trying to push Sonic in directions other than "going fast."

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FallenAngel1984345d ago

Because Nintendo is passionate for their flagship franchise while Sonic Team has become very dispassionate and cynical about theirs

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PhoenixUp345d ago

“The war between the pudgy Italian plumber and the spikey blue hedgehog continued, decades after it began, with the 2017 release of both Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Forces.”

What ongoing war? It died 16 years ago when Sega stopped being a hardware manufacturer.

-Foxtrot345d ago

I think what these games show you really is Mario can get away with gimmicks...give him Fludd or a magic hat and it works. Give Sonic a sword, alien wisps, a werewolf form etc and it dosen't work. I think that should tell Sega something...stop trying to be like Mario. Only thing Sonic should have is abolities from the item boxes like faster speed, special shields or short time invincibility.

You want to know why a 3D adventure like Sonic Adventure gimmicks, it was it's own thing.

PhoenixUp345d ago

Wisps didn’t ruin the Sonic experience

-Foxtrot345d ago

No but they were stupid and not needed...I mean yeah that's what Sonic needs, more characters.

PhoenixUp345d ago

They enhanced Sonic’s basic moveset in most cases and weren’t as introsive as the other examples you mentioned.

Other characters would be welcome, but that doesn’t make wisps a terrible idea unto itself.

-Foxtrot345d ago

But the point is they can't help putting something in whether it's small like the wisps or a game changer like the werewolf form.

Sega always feels the need to add something and it's getting annoying. I mean even in Sonic Forces they thought about wasting time on a custom character creator. Who asked for that? I mean seriously? Polishing the game and making it better then it was would have probably been a better option,

PhoenixUp345d ago

I’m specifically talking about the wisps. They weren’t even as egregious as past power ups Sonic’s had in 2D games or the Adventure games.

So no the wisps in particular aren’t an example of bad game design, especially when they were implemented to a nice extent that didn’t dramatically change the gameplay style.

Adding in new things is what most platformers do.

Travis3708344d ago

Wisps and Boosting ruined the games for me.

Teflon02344d ago

I like boosting. I hate wisps though in forces I don't mind seeing the way they're used works fine for the avattar

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Neonridr345d ago

I wouldn't say that Mario relies on gimmicks. Just really, really great gameplay. The root of fun really.

-Foxtrot345d ago

You're making out I'm saying it as a bad thing...I'm not

I'm just saying when they add a feature which COULD be considered a gimmick, it works so well that it's not

Unlike Sonic where when something is added it feels like it is

Neonridr345d ago

@Foxtrot - fair enough, I see what you mean there. Thank you for clarifying.

Outside_ofthe_Box344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

"You want to know why a 3D adventure like Sonic Adventure works"

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 was the reason I got a Dreamcast.
I haven't played any other Sonic game since those two, but if they haven't done so in the past, I don't get why Sega doesn't just put their focus on expanding the Sonic Adventure series. Just stick with that story-driven/action-adventure Sonic. They can even make it open world. There is a lot they can work with.

gangsta_red344d ago

In all honesty I don't know why Sonic games don't work. What is it that he's doing that's different from what Mario is doing or has done?

Its almost to a point to where Sonic has tried everything in terms of gameplay and design and it just doesn't work.

I think Sega needs to hand the title over to Nintendo's Mario team and see what they can do with the character. One, lets see if they could actually make a game that is well received by gamers and two lets see if there's just any type of bias against Sonic if they just do the same thing that was done before but now it's the greatest game ever.

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DillyDilly344d ago

Perhaps Sega should let Nintendo make Sonic games

SickSinceSix344d ago

They should just let the Sonic Mania devs make future Sonic games instead.

Teflon02344d ago

It took them that long to release mania. I'm not trying to wait Square Enix Long for the next Sonic game. Forces had its problems but it's not bad. Just need to go back to Unleashed and Gen type stages

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