Game Revolution: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

Game Revolution writes: "Dear Mythic Entertainment,

Thank you for making Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I appreciate that it is (primarily) true to its source material. I am impressed with how you've managed to take the World of Warcraft formula, tweak it, slap a nicer coat of paint over it, and somehow ensnare me and maintain my interest. My general revulsion for the aforementioned MMO should have served as sufficient vaccine against your infectious game, but no. For yours is well-crafted, sirs.

Let me begin by commending the user interface. It is clean, efficient, and streamlines most of the nonsense in MMOs right out. Looking for groups is easier than ever, and the ability to refer others to your group leader for an invitation is a brilliant addition. Easy buttons for joining PvP scenarios and local teams keep the game operating at a good pace. You have taken many of the complaints I have had about the interfaces of MMOs for over a decade now and worn away all the rough edges."

+ Wonderful UI
+ Excellent PvP
+ RvR is rock-solid
+ Looks and feels good
+ Strong class balance
+ Some novel quests
- AI for NPCs is dumb
- Dull music
- More or less safe, very safe

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