Assassin's Creed: Origins Works Better As a Walking Simulator

New Normative's Nic Reuben explains why he quit playing Assassin's Creed: Origins. Hint: It wasn't the hippos. Although screw those hippos.

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mikeslemonade350d ago

Zelda breath of the Wild is walking and climbing simulator.

Krysis349d ago

Best game of the year by a long shot as well.

adonisisfree349d ago

The way link sticks to objects makes no sense. He climbs like spiderman..

madforaday349d ago


Imagine if an Uncharted game or Horizon Zero Dawn did that!?

kevnb349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

but climbing and jumping off mountains is fun as heck, the developers must have noticed that many people try to climb everything in games and just made it easier and even encouraged.

getbacktogaming349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

I understand the die hard fans love of Zelda but personally as someone that did not grow up with it ... I thought it looked pretty but I got bored so fast... it's still so empty and slow... like every other Zelda game I have tried before it and ended up putting down after 3-4 hours... same as every other Zelda games. Meanwhile I loooove Mario 3D World and I still hope Nintendo brings it to switch!

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350d ago
TheKingKratos349d ago

The game is so much fun and i love egypt setting since i'm from egypt
the gameplay and the story are spot on and so on

Jinger350d ago

I second Zeref's comment

starchild350d ago

I don't care. I love the game. It's actually one of my favorite games of the year.

Gaming4Life1981350d ago

yea the game is great and everyone but this person knows it. Its funny that zelda isnt mentionted as a walking simulator but this game is and I love that game.

UltraNova350d ago

I really want to play ACO but I'm tired of open world games. How's the grind in this one? Is side exploration and secret discovery exciting or does it feel like a chore?

Does it keep your interest throughout?

stefd75349d ago

I have not liked most of the series but I got this for xmas and to be honest I have not stopped playing it. I love running off and finding new things, the side quests are a bit get this for me and kill him for him but still have liked this and I didnt like Black Flag.... however tempted to try it again now

Realms349d ago

It's a Ubisoft game it's very much formulatic it's not bad they have changed a few things most notably the combat system. It feels a bit more RPG esque IMO it's a good game but there are better options if you want to sink a ton of time into a game. The story is not engaging IMO it's very fragmented I find myself not caring I'm more interested in upgrading my armor and weapons than following the main storyline there are a lot of fetch quests and busy work. The setting is cool very cool to look at an explore but the game it self is less engaging because the story hasn't clicked for me at least not yet. It's kind of problematic when I rather gather resources and upgrade my weapons and armor than follow the main storyline.

Kavorklestein349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

The entire game has been so fantastic.
It's literally full of surprises and you can do whatever you want. I spent a half hour just scaring flocks of flamingos while controlling my Eagle Senu. I also got good enough at flying that I would fly in a v formation with other types of birds and just enjoy the amazing scenery.
As for the grind, everything is pretty much about xp now so it's less of "the walk to the waypoint 20 times" to complete sequence 3 feeling.
To get better gear you can either do missions, explore freely, go hunting, get in fights, finding all loot in a certain area also gives you bonus xp so you always feel rewarded for everything you decide to do.
and you never feel like you're in the wrong place with nothing to do. There are always nooks and crannies to get lost in. Tons of moments that make you remember how awesome the game, and It's egypt setting are.

Tons of moments that have made me say Wow.

Origins is my personal GOTY.

Cyborgg350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

No Zelda, Mario, and Horizon all the way

SurgicalMenace349d ago

That is your opinion not a truth, but thank you are free to have one.

Seraphim350d ago

one of the best, absolutely. Best though? Not quite. Ubi did a great job on it and I'm again looking forward to more AC.

Mr Marvel350d ago

Top 5 for me maybe, but with Horizon, Persona 5, Zelda and Mario all released in 2017 I find it tough to give it my GOTY.
I can't argue if it's your favourite though as it really is a great game.

Jaypi03350d ago

Opinions people, opinions, if he thinks it's the best game of the year, then he's completely valid for thinking so, for me it's Divinity Original Sin 2, but i love AC Origins.

Jinger349d ago

I still need to play Divinity. Looks so good. Just having trouble starting such a massive RPG... plus I'm balls deep in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and then Monster Hunter is right around the corner, ahhh too much to play too little time!

SurgicalMenace349d ago

To you. Gosh you guys are like children that can't handle people having a preference.

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bujasem_89350d ago

Man if you really are sick with the game, just ship me your copy, you don't have to deal with looking at the game, and I can keep all my AC games finished :).

Xerneas349d ago

If you havent played it yet you should. Its the best AC game ever.

bujasem_89348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Believe me I wanna play that game so bad. It's just rough times for me at the moment, and an extensive backlog of unfinished games. Hopefully 2018 will be a year for good times

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