Top 13 Scariest Video Games

It's October. The leaves are falling, pumpkins are being smashed and video game nerds are breaking out all their scary video games from the past. Which are the scariest though? In this list we will go through what video games frightened the gamer to the core of his being while trying to find their way through the game. Some games just plain nailed the spooky quality needed to make a game scary by accentuating the moody soundtrack and making the enemies horrifying to look at. Some of the choices on this list may not be obvious, but on second look the reader will understand what could make a simple game like Pac-Man for so scary.

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Son of Odin3539d ago

this is the most unique top scariest video games list i've ever seen...but where's resident evil???

MountainMaverick3539d ago

im glad resident evil isnt on there.

DDP3539d ago

I 100% agree! LOVED this list. LMAO!!!

Volvobug3539d ago

funny list. never knew that about ghostbusters!

MountainMaverick3539d ago

this article brought back so many memories

Son of Odin3539d ago

festers quest!?!?!

bald men running around sure do scare me. but not fat cuddly old men. they make me feel happy. good list though

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The story is too old to be commented.