Action Trip: Fracture Review

Action Trip writes: "Games come and go. Most of them are nothing but fleeting moments of entertainment - something to you can do to help pass the time until that "special" title arrives. You know the one you've been longing to play after months and months of trailers, teasers, in-game snapshots and boring press releases. Classic GotY material, really. Experiences like that a rare these days. The industry is teeming with generic shooters that target all audiences, not the least of which are casual gamers.

LucasArts is one of the most reputable publishers around. And yet for some reason, they continue to disappoint as of late. Most of their recent releases received average reviews of 70 at best. Fracture, the company's latest third-person shooter, comes packed with a few neat twists, which we expected would adequately spice up the gameplay. In Fracture, you are allowed to alter the shape of the terrain to help you overcome enemies. As cool as that sounds, there are other aspects of the game that were put into the spotlight of pessimism even before its release."

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