Xbox World 360: Lego Batman Review

XBox World 360 writes: "Who is Batman to you? The violent lawman of the modern comics? The wink-wink star of the 60's TV show? Tim Burton's gothic icon, perhaps? Maybe he's just that dude what punched his mum. The point is this: Travellers' Tales have never had a subject so open to Lego interpretation, and with it, playful experimentation. And boy, do they love it.

Did you feel that Indy was a tad shackled to his tombs and dusty continents? Gotham is open for business. The streets are torn from Burton - the looming Lego gothic architecture is superb - while the animated series supplies villain-centric locations (ice-cream factory for Mr Freeze, botanical gardens for Poison Ivy). All that's left is to populate it, Tales turning to those innocent early days for their colourful cast. Needless to say, Bane doesn't get to do much paralysing."

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