Doom for Switch Sells an Estimated 81,000 Units First Week at Retail

The first-person shooter from publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer id Software - Doom - sold 80,897 units first week at retail on the Nintendo Switch, according to VGChartz estimates.

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EddieNX 170d ago

not bad, not bad all! I'll probs get it for cheap

zaherdab170d ago

How is thst not bad ? What r u comparing it to?

MVGeneral170d ago

It's horrible. Good bye 3rd party support in the future. Nintendo fans proving once again that they are closed minded to only Nintendo games

EddieNX 170d ago

there's lots of things you're not considering. I'm sure Bethesda will be very happy with over 100k and it's not finished selling just yet. the Switch is 9 months old, the game is old and it's still selling. this isn't a flop by any means for a late port.

DrJones170d ago

It still did better than Knack 2

ABizzel1170d ago

It's not bad considering the game launched much later, and was an inferior version in every way outside of portability and sold a bit less than half of the XBO version on a device not known for 3rd party support, strong shooter support, and about 1/3 of the user base at the XBO.

PS4: 455,607
XBO: 205,127
NSW: 81,000

It's not great, but it's not bad either. The PS4 and XBO versions of the game went on to sell 5x their launch sales putting the game at over 2m for PS4, and over 1m for XBO. If Switch stays on the same track that'll be over 400k which is a much needed start for Switch to continue to receive 3rd party support.

InTheLab170d ago

In its defense, the game is too expensive for its age. The sensible thing to do would be to launch at $29 but corporate greed never accounts for good will and word of mouth.

With that said, I doubt switch owners really care about Doom or other 3rd party titles. Same with the wiiu, wii, and gc..... hardcore games don't sell on the system.

TallonIV170d ago

Thank you "ABizzel1" for saying it like it is.

bouzebbal169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

lol that guy is an absolute joke..
1000 sales and he would still think the same.

"there's lots of things you're not considering"
name 3 of these things..

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UKRsoldja170d ago ShowReplies(1)
michellelynn0976169d ago

Let's face it. We should just all be Sony fans so they won't get upset and troll articles. They hate competition it seems.

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Vits170d ago

Not very good when compared with the original release - 455.607 on PS4 and 205.127 on XOne. But as we have no idea how many units Bethesda expected to sell, 81,000 might be a reasonable number for them.

wonderfulmonkeyman170d ago

Are those first week numbers for those two systems?

Vits170d ago

Yes, the source is this very article.

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galmi170d ago

i think its good, cuz most pple have probably played it already

Protagonist170d ago

So you are saying that Bethesda should not have bothered to port it to the switch.

DrJones170d ago

Plus it's more expensive on the Switch

Lon3wolf170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

"Not very good when compared with the original release "

But not bad when you consider the difference in user base.

Edit: And it is a year later than the original release.

Vits170d ago

That's true.
It's a weak performance, but not one without a solid cause.

michellelynn0976170d ago

That is not counting eshop were it sold nearly 38k as well. So it sold nearly 118k in two days. Not bad at all.

Vits170d ago

Yeah, but those other numbers also don't account for sales on Xbox Live and PSN, so yeah...

EddieT170d ago

PS4 sold more than double the sales of the Xbox, surprising really as I thought Doom would be a game that appealed to the Xbox fan's taste.

Kiwi66170d ago

Perhaps Xbox fans just weren't as interested in the game as PS fans

Imalwaysright170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

FPS games in general are the best selling games on the PS4 as well.

kevnb170d ago

You are thinking last gen, this gen the PlayStation user base ate much of the user base that were on 360 last gen.

gangsta_red170d ago

PlayStation fans like more dude bro shooters, it's why CoD is so popular on the system.

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FallenAngel1984170d ago

How much were you actually expect game like this to sell on NS

nitus10170d ago

From VGChartz (sales to date)
Doom(2016) - PS4 - 2.2 million - Released 13th May 2016
Doom(2016) - XB1 - 1.1 million - Released 13th May 2016
Doom(2016) - Switch - 0.08 million - Released 10th November 2017

DrJones170d ago

TO DATE yes. This is week one sales only, and it doesn't count digital sales.

WickedLester170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

You have to extrapolate that over the size of the userbase though. 455,607 units sold to a 70 million userbase is roughly .7% attach rate. 205,127 units sold to a 30 million usebsse is also .7% attach rate. 81,000 units sold to a 10 million userbase is roughly .8% attach rate. Thats slighly better than how it sold on PS4 and Xbox One.

WickedLester169d ago

LMAO @ at those who "disagree" with pure math.

michellelynn0976169d ago

Wrong. They do count. NPD usually don't count Nintendo online but theu do Sony and Microsoft? So yeah...

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michellelynn0976170d ago

Very good. My brother got it the first day.

EddieT170d ago

Not bad for a game that most people probably already bought and played.

Kosic170d ago

Also for a game that's roughly £10 on Xbox, pc and PS4. So going for the switch port is an expensive choice out of the 4.

Protagonist170d ago

If the reason being that the switch choice is too expensive, then 3rd party games/LATE PORTS will never do well on the switch.

PhantomS42170d ago

I think I'm inclined to agree as it had a year on other systems so a lot had already played it and it was a full priced released whereas the other systems have had it discounted for some time not to mention the many sales it's been in. Do we know how this compares to Skyrim's Switch version in its first week yet? Wolfenstein 2 will be pretty interesting to see how that does too.

CorndogBurglar170d ago

DOOM was out on PS4 and Xbox One for a year and a half before Switch. Also, both of those systems had a much larger user base when it released than the Switch did when it released there.

I don't see why this is hard for people to see.