Gamespot: TGS 2008: Gardening Mama Hands-on

Gamespot: "Cooking Mama was a surprise hit when first released, charming gamers with its collection of culinary minigames on the Nintendo DS. Several sequels later, Mama has expanded her empire onto the Wii, and is set to expand globally with next year's World Kitchen.

However, it seems that your fiery-eyed mistress of all things epicureal isn't satisfied with keeping a watchful eye over your knife technique and whisking speed-she's decided to move to an even more fundamental area of food production, the garden.

In the not-at-all-surprisingly named Gardening Mama for DS, you are charged with cultivating all manner of plants under Mama's tutelage, and we wasted no time grabbing a virtual trowel once we had located it in Taito's booth at this year's Tokyo game show."

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