The 10 Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games That You Should Play

Got yourself an Xbox One X? Wondering which of the 75+ Xbox One X enhanced games really show off its power? GameSpew has got you covered!

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threefootwang346d ago

Enhanced games I've played so far:

Halo 5
Halo Wars 2
Gears of War 3 & 4

Enhanced games I've got lined up so far:

Witcher 3
Quantum Break
Titanfall 2

Enjoying all of these games thoroughly. Gears of War 4 is by far the best looking Enhanced game yet, like damn, those graphics are just jaw dropping.

BL8CK1CE346d ago

agree. I have all of them and they all look good. cant wait to see what the new games look like down the rd.

Darkwatchman346d ago

The One X patch was my first time playing Quantum Break and damn. It still is one of the best looking games of the generation.

81BX346d ago

Just downloaded. Haven't seen it with the patch yet but I thought the game was great

81BX346d ago

The level of detail in the character models is crazy

SuperSonic91346d ago

The fact that Xbox gamers get to play the better vetsions of games instead of the inferior Switch versions is reason enough to celebrate.
Game on!

jrshankill346d ago

Do yourself a favor and add Final Fantasy XV to that list. Looks absolutely beautiful in 4K HDR

chaos-emeralds346d ago

Im 100% right that Final fantasy xv looks and plays better on ps4 pro. The Xbox try's to upscale 900p into 4k.

kevnb345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

the xbox one x doesn't upscale 900p to 4k, who told you that? If you play it unpatched it will just render at 900p, but its 4K with the patch.

kevnb345d ago

my only problem with gears 4 is that i cant decide between performance and 4k.

Darkwatchman345d ago

I went with the 4K mode and I don’t know if it’s just me, but the single player seems to have softer image quality than the multiplayer. I honestly doubted my entire run through of the campaign that the game’s patch was working properly because it did not look like a native 4K presentation, but the multiplayer immediately looked sharper when I jumped on it after beating campaign.

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chaos-emeralds346d ago

I still don't get the point of the x. The games still won't look or play as nice as the PlayStation offerings. Even the new spiderman puts shame on the x. Sorry but that's just the way it is.

Sitdown346d ago

“As mentioned above, the visuals are improved due to 4K Ultra HD support and the performance is improved due to constant 60 FPS across the gameplay experience. When you combine 4K Ultra HD, constant 60 fps with additional enhancements such as an increased level of camera detail, you’ll immediately notice and feel a difference in the immersion. This means that elements such as the player’s helmet and faces become more realistic –giving you the feeling that you are right there in the stadium.” Seth Christie (Technical Director for Madden 18) on Xbox one x enhancements.

But who are we kidding, you don't get it because you don't want to get it.

Xerneas346d ago

AC: Origins on Xbox One X looks better than every other console game ive played. Its the most powerful console.

twiggytree12346d ago

You must not have played very many games. AC doesn't come close to Horizon, Uncharted 4 or even Driveclub.

346d ago
starchild346d ago


"doesn't come close"

Saying crap like that makes it impossible to take you seriously. No game this generation is far beyond any other top end game.

I don't know about the Xbox One X version, but AC: Origins on PC is easily one of the most visually impressive games I've ever played. And I've played all the best looking games on PC and PS4 Pro.

Razzer346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

"I don't know about the Xbox One X version, but AC: Origins on PC is easily one of the most visually impressive games I've ever played. And I've played all the best looking games on PC and PS4 Pro."

I'm playing AC: Origins on PC (4k) as well, but no way does it look better than HZD, imo. It looks great, but HZD is on another level.

Realms345d ago

IMO Horizon is much more impressive and has way more stuff going on from huge enemies to dynamic weather, everyone is entitled to their opinion but Horizon is by far way more ambitious than AC: Origins for that reason alone Horizon wins.

kevnb345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

huh? Horizon has much less going on then Assassins Creed Origins although I much prefer the combat in Horizon. AC also has dynamic weather, dynamic time of day, much more npcs that actually act like people, much better lip sync and a much bigger and more interactive world.

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346d ago
SuperSonic91346d ago

At least Xbox is moving forward not backwards lime the Switch.

jrshankill346d ago

"The games still won't look or play as nice as the PlayStation offerings"

That's where you are 100% totally wrong.

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Pantz346d ago

It's too hard to only pick 10.

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TheSplooge346d ago

Im still waiting for DICE to update BF1... I dont see it happening though.

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