TGS 08: Recon 'less of a galactic romp' than Halo 3, Bungie quiet on details

Destructoid's Nick Chester reports:

"At this point, you probably know everything Bungie and Microsoft want you to know about the upcoming Halo "expansion," Halo 3: Recon. At behind-closed-doors press meeting at Tokyo Game Show this year, the folks at Bungie were more than happy to talk about the game's announcement, but unwilling to answer any detailed questions.

Behind-closed-doors, Bungie showed off no footage of the game in action. Disappointingly, the trailer that you've seen, that's as much as we've seen. So there's not much to report, but we were able to clear up a few details."

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Radiodread3566d ago

with a silencer. This game should be sweet. It looks like the Oribital Shock Trooper has a silencer on his gun AND a red dot sight. AWESOME COD:4 in the halo universe f!cking awesome.