Saints Row 2: Zombie Uprising video

Saints Row 2 has its own unique mode called Zombie Uprising. It looks fantastic, and as this video proves: any game is improved with zombies.

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JonahFalcon3450d ago

Every game is improved with zombies. GTA4 should have had zombies. Spore should have had zombies. That's what makes Puzzle Quest so great - it's Bejeweled, but it has zombies, too.

addic3450d ago

gta4 HAS least playable zombie characters in multiplayer! ;)

theusedfake3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

it now looks like I'll be trying this out.

and I agree, zombies make everything better.

Maxned3450d ago

Like Dead Rising but you dont have as many weapons

JonahFalcon3450d ago

You have all the numerous weapons you have in Saints Row 2, plus all the stuff you can pick up. If you're worried, you have swords in SR2, too.

JonahFalcon3445d ago

Okay, it's a video game inside Saints Row 2 - very fun. You can play it at your crib or at a coin-op machine.