Console exclusive DLC is "unproven" - analyst

Console exclusive DLC strategies such as GTA IV's 360-only 'episodes' are still unproven, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian has said.

Speaking to CVG, Sebastian said that competition between platform holders to secure exclusive DLC will increase over time.

Microsoft reportedly paid in the region of $50 million for exclusive GTA IV DLC, which is due for release in "fall 2008", and Sebastian says that the new content will be "a key test" of the costly strategy.

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BulletToothtony3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

it should be released when the game comes out.. not months later.. i bought gta4 and sold it after a few weeks.. there is no interest in any further dlc. And i think MS is gonna find that a lot of gamers feel the same way..

I mean have you guys gone to gamestop.. there is piles of gta4 used games.. for ps3 and 360...

Now if for example fallout3 has dlc by the time i get home with my brand new copy with something that will make the game more enjoyable then i'm sold...

But the whole idea in general of dlc is starting to head in a direction that is not good for gamers in general.

Eiffel3569d ago

Most RPG's are quick with DLC and by quick I mean like a week after release.
Rockstar is a amazing game company just lazy.


I bought the ps3 version but like all other GTA games before 4 . I would play for a week and get really bored with it . This year was even worst I played it for 2 hours and trade it away for Metal Gear . I thought DLC came out long time ago . Wow xbox still waiting for this . Its time to move on to bigger and badder games .