The Last Guardian Director Teases Artwork of Next Title

After experiencing one of the best years in terms of video games, 2018 seems to start with the same inertia and to show is a new artwork that appeared on the official site of genDESIGN, a studio led by Fumito Ueda who has given us memorable games such as ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.

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yumi76320d ago

I can't wait to see whats next, I'm sure it will be something special.

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Cyborgg320d ago

I wonder if it will be a multiplatform game

Dlaw76319d ago

Maybe on the Switch but I doubt it Sony fans will have a freak out if it's on the other console

showtimefolks319d ago (Edited 319d ago )


xbox fans wouldn't buy his games as a playstation fan i much rather his games be played by more gamers but when xbox fanbase barely supported a well reviewed sunset overdrive what hope is there for games like last guardian. There is a reason a series like yakuza never came out on xbox 360 or now on xbox one while some of the earlier games had a HD remaster on nintendo console

xbox brand is known for few IP's and the executives running the company act like nothing else matters. it will be truly sad when switch outsells and over takes xbox one even thought xbox one had 3 plus years of ahead start

so ask yourself what ms has done right and what they could have done differently. coming from xbox360's success(i believe sale numbers were incorrect actual active user base wise because early on man gamers bought multiple xbox360 consoles due to RROD which for a while MS didn't admit of having that issue)

showtimefolks319d ago


no it will be a playstation exclusive because no other publisher have stuck by this man like sony. None of his games sold millions yet he was funded again and again based on his games being masterpieces without wide appeal

so while i don't know for sure if it will be a exclusives or not my guess is this game will be a playstation 5 exclusives. Yes i said 5 because his games take long and by either 2019 or 2020 we will have ps5

UltraNova319d ago

I cant believe that they did not work on this game on the side while trying to fix/develop tLG. I think we should wait for this year's E3 before we jump to conclusions on its release window. I mean they choose to tease the game in January 2018, so considering the criticism they've received on tLG's ridiculous delay upon delay, I believe the new game's release date could be imminent, say Q4 2018.

Markusb33319d ago

Take a wild guess sunshine

Felsager319d ago


"I wonder if it will be a multiplatform game "

ONLY ON PS4, :).

If you want it, get your PS4. Simple.

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arkard320d ago

As did I, not sure where the hate comes from.

343_Guilty_Spark319d ago

Not allowed to like games from different platforms here

Cohagen420319d ago

It finished 3rd in overall GOTY awards, so not that much hate.

UltraNova319d ago

Yes tLG was great, a remnant of days gone by in game design that I enjoyed in full. Plus the end gave me the feels, just like when I took down my first Collosus in SotC back in the day.

Great game for those who can appreciate and love unique and truly special games.

g-nome319d ago

Busy playing through it now on ps4 , great game , but controls and camera can be a bit frustrating at times.

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ninsigma320d ago

Be interested to know if he'll stick with Playstation or go multiplat now that he's independent. Either way I'm sure it'll be a wonderful adventure just like his other games.

Cyborgg319d ago

I'm curious about that myself.

ninsigma319d ago

I think there's a chance it'll go multiplat. If he wanted stay with Sony exclusive I'm not sure he would have separated from them. Don't know for sure of course.

Cyborgg319d ago

If he decides to go multiplatform I'll get the PC version and they should make more profit by going multiplat.

ninsigma319d ago

Yup I generally buy multiplat on PC too if that version isn't a mess as does sometimes happen. Either way, I doubt it'll any time soon that we know what way the new game is gonna play out xD

zeuanimals319d ago

Are we sure he split from Sony? His former team broke up but all he created another studio. Are we sure he went independent?

ninsigma319d ago

Yup. He left his position at Sony, finished TLG on a contract basis and founded the independent studio genDESIGN.

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Nebaku319d ago

Considering the technical hell his team went through for years to even get The Last Guardian working on PS4, I can't imagine he's chomping at the bit to add more consoles to the to-do list.

ninsigma319d ago

You have a point but then again the last guardian was larger than the Ps3 hence the move to the easier to develop for and stronger Ps4. I can't imagine those tech issues on ps3 will happen again.

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