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Sono42117d ago

I kinda wish somebody would say something about Chroma Gun, that game is actually really good if you ask me, I mean it's obviously inspired by portal but I think it's a unique enough idea to give it it's own merits. I already own it on PC so I won't be getting it, but anyone with a switch who liked Portal/2 and hasn't played this game should definitely get it.

17d ago
Wrex36917d ago

Yeah am definitely excited

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FlyingFoxy17d ago

Already got Shantae physical on pre order, loved Risky's revenge on 3DS.

I hope for a new Pilotwings, Starfox and Mario Party but without that stupid car and with added online play.

Concertoine17d ago

I would kill for the top 100 on Switch.

Instantnoodles8817d ago

Great start to the new year! Well done, Nintendo

CocoaBrother17d ago

Lost Sphear and Furi on Switch and Digimon on Vita. Good month to be a handheld gamer.

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