Diablo 3 May Hit Consoles

ShackNews writes:

"Though Diablo 3 is currently only confirmed for the PC, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime has once again suggested that the long-awaited action-RPG may end up consoles as well."

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thor3540d ago

Would be absolute sh*t on consoles. The ENTIRE GAME is clicking on stuff repeatedly and rearranging your gear in the heat of battle - how could that possibly work on a console?

JustinSaneV23540d ago

Oblivion (i.e. listed items with a maximum weight limit)

thor3540d ago

Oblivion is first-person. Diablo is isometric perspective where you have to click on which enemy you want to target, which loot you want to pick up. In oblivion, you check the body of each thing you kill to check for items they have. In diablo that's infeasable because there are so many enemies and items. The movement and spells are all controlled by the mouse. The game would need serious redesigning to the point that it was not diablo any more.

Bazookajoe_833539d ago

And it had coop, a really good game :-)

LinuxGuru3539d ago

How would it work on PS3?

keyboard and mouse, of course of course!

On 360.....I don't know.

Pebz3539d ago

There really are many ways to solve the control scheme. The controls could pretty much be like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and it would still, more or less, play like KB+M Diablo would. For item sets they can use hot-keys for pre-defined armour sets etc.

And in some shared-screen coop and you have a winner.

Would be a bit different than the PC version, but not really worse.

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RememberThe3573540d ago

Diablo is a PC game no matter how spice it, it has no place on the consoles. This game is going to be awesome for the PC lets keep it there.

TwissT3540d ago

Diablo 3 on console = disaster.

accukrak3540d ago

I respectfully disagree.

I for one enjoyed Diablo II for the PS1. Granted it was an extremely stripped down version, for a PS1 game, it was nonetheless quite memorable. Not surprisingly, it uniformly earned good reviews.

As a console port, obviously, there will have to be some sacrifices made (in terms of controls, graphics and content). Although there are console peripherals either already available or will be released that can simmulate PC control (for e.g., PS3 contollers w/a full QWERTY boards). Even if this game is essentially comprised of "clicking on stuff repeatedly and rearranging your gear in the heat of battle" - so what (by the way, that's really an unfair characterization of the game, since there are other components like the ability to customize your characters/weaponry when you level up)?

Alot of console games, at its very core, comprise of nothing more than repetive button tapping and predetermined movements. For e.g., the whole Brothers' In Arms series is basically made up of the same formulaic moves: 1) find cover; 2) lay down suppressing fire; 3) outflank; 4) kill; and 5) repeat. The same can be said of Oblivion - run around leveling up; engage enemy; button mash (to pummel or use magic or both); and hit the menu whenever trouble (to pause in order to use spells, magics, etc).

So I say why not!

- nuff' said.

Bazookajoe_833539d ago

You mean Diablo 1, but yea it was really fun :-)

Darkseider3540d ago

Hell as long as the game supported an optional bluetooth KB and Mouse I would prefer to play it on my 46" Aquos! I can see how using a controller would make things a bit difficult though.

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