Fantasy violence and mild suggestive themes detailed for Secret of Mana remake

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its rating summary for the upcoming Secret of Mana remake.

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PhoenixUp344d ago

This game should be rated E for its egregious pricing

SoulMikeY344d ago

Oh yay, another cancer that thinks value depends on age. If it’s on a current console, it’s a current game, remake or not.

mastiffchild344d ago

I don't think the price is right, either, though. It is possibly my favourite 16bit game, one I have played time and again. If anyone was gonna be up for this remake it was me but even I feel it is overpriced.

For me they just aren't doing either enough or at high enough quality to ask what they are. The bits we have seen so far just do not do the original justice and the cut scenes are so poor with the lack of lip synch being so poorly done it borders on offensive.

Gameplay is done okay and as a mug for the series I am bound to buy it again but that doesn't make the price fair or justifiable. Look at the great job an awful company like Konami did with the MGS HD bundle and tell me this isn't overpriced?

The difference in amount of content and work between these projects is big yet we are expected to pay as much for one, imo lazier HD remake, as for three in MGS HD. I think that kind of shows why people feel it is too dear. Not the game but how little is changed and how iffy some changes look. I think knocking a bit off helps them sell much better and they've just got it wrong. Not everyone is a fan, like we probably all are, and need more reasons to try the game out.

PhoenixUp344d ago

I’m applying basic logic here, not blind fanboyish like you.

This Secret of Mana remake is using the same engine and assets as Adventures of Mana did in 2016 and that game only costed $14. There’s no reason for why this SoM remake should cost 3x as much.

To make this price point even more egregious, Final Fantasy III & Final Fantasy IV for example didn’t cost $40 when they got 3D remakes and they’re both older than Secret of Mana.

Only a corporate shill such as yourself would defend such a decision to price this so high.

344d ago
Fist4achin344d ago

Anyone know if this will be in physical format?!

Segata344d ago

Only at Gamestop. Otherwise digital. Like how Lost Sphear for Switch is physical only at SE's online store. I personally pre-ordered both.

Fist4achin344d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Im surprised amazon didnt get a piece of that.

mastiffchild344d ago

So, no physical copies for the UK or is there a stupid single retailer here doing a similar deal, anyone know?