Kojima Productions Teases Female Ludens Design

As part of the New Year celebrations, the official account of Kojima Productions not only congratulated its followers, but it also showed a peculiar design that is already hinting something to talk about.

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ChrisW343d ago

I'm all for skimpy fan service armor, but that armor would be ridiculously off balance and just about as impractical as if she didn't have any armor.

GameBoyColor343d ago

That's her secret cap, she's always unbalanced so her armor is unbalanced to make her balanced.

G20WLY343d ago

Don't be ridiculous, you two - clearly, she breaths through her right thigh! 😁

Shubhendu_Singh343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I don't know.
I expected much more complicated and fancy stuff for a female luden armor coming from Hideo nonetheless.

Kyizen342d ago

Are you two talking about the realism of a character created from a game developer logo symbol??

EddieT343d ago

Once you recognise the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.

The Wood342d ago

I just put it down to being
. . .a fictional video game. . . .

I mean if can can scale building size creatures. . Shoot blue orbs from my hands and single handedly take on an army. . . .a lil off balanced armour isn't going to ruin the dream. . . . .

Bimkoblerutso342d ago

@The Wood

Just to be clear, this particular example doesn't bother me at all because the Ludens aren't really related to anythings yet, but that's kind of a stupid argument that people always seem to bring up.

No matter how outlandish or fantastical a setting is, there is always going to be a logically established (relative to the setting) tone and context. I feel like the anti-SJW backlash has made it hard to admit when creators are just being hacky and pandering in some of the random crap they throw in their games (especially when it has to do with sexuality, for whatever reason), and while I support their right to do that, I also tend to appreciate it more when they put forth a setting and context that is completely cohesive.

ZombieKiller342d ago

Lol, nice. I'm still waiting for that secret reasoning to make me feel ashamed. Haha how about just tell us the truth Kojima!

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raWfodog343d ago

Clearly, her left leg, right shoulder, and back of her head are her weak points. So she has them adequately protected. Safety first!

Protagonist343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I have seen women fight in armors that resembles that one in real life battles. So yeah she will be fine...

NiteX343d ago

I don't even consider that skimpy, she is barely showing any skin at all.

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G20WLY343d ago

Kojima and team know what they're doing and always deliver excellent design.

Eonjay343d ago

I love how she is holding that mask. Imagine how dope she looks with it on.

gamer7804343d ago

I really liked Quiet's design, but this is looks really bad. This whole game looks strange though.

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zaherdab343d ago

Its always leep a thigh exposed

one2thr343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Prosthetic arm and leg from the looks of it, maybe no need to fully armor or protect those to limbs.

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The story is too old to be commented.