How EA Killed Need For Speed & Mass Effect

In a bad year for EA, Mass Effect and Need For Speed may have received irreparable damage. Here's how it happened.

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brich23349d ago

Need for speed payback is so bad when you compare it to the Forza Horizon series, or even The Crew.

bradfh48d ago

The Crew was the same as NFS crap.

thisismyaccount48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

what?! Dead Space 1 and 2 were great ... their best new ip since Mass Effect.

obidanshinobi48d ago

I liked The Crew, if only for the novelty of driving around a scaled down USA.

XMessiah23x48d ago

Wow the Crew was awesome too. Why dont people bitch about Sim racing games that charge you for every car basically.

brich23347d ago

But the crew got better with updates and is still better than the last few nfs games.

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C-H-E-F48d ago

NFSP is exactly like The Crew hence why i think NFSP is decent, and you can't compare NFSP to Forza Horizon lOl, that's like me comparing MGS to TLOU

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Travis370849d ago

NFS was one of my favorite franchises along with Dead Space and EA killed both of them. Each NFS game since 2015 has been terrible IMO and NFS Payback is even worst with the microtransactions. They keep seeming to forget what makes a game fun. I remember when NFS was getting back to back amazing games such as Hot Pursuit 1&2, Underground, Most wanted, The run and even Rivals. Next time they make one I hope they focus on the gameplay and not the online and give the fans what they want.

RememberThe35748d ago

NFS Underground was my jam. That Miata was so dope through the corners.

Cmoney00748d ago

I am not exactly sure what direction they are going in anymore. These games should still be great, but EA keeps coming up with some stupid ideas!

ravinash48d ago

EAs focus is purely on how to milk more money from customers after they have purchased the game.
They can only do that with microtransactions through online play.
Their not interested in making extra content like missions or expansions to single player games, because it cost too much money to make compared to adding a skin or changing the colour of something and sucking people into buying that.

XMessiah23x49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Exactly how did Loot boxes kill Need for Speed. I beat the game twice once on PC and once on Xbox X. Never once did I need to get a loot box actually at the end of my first play thru I did not realize you gained part spins I had so many extra it was crazy. This was one of the better need for speeds they have released in a long time. I think some people see the option for loot boxes and just whine. If anything N4S shows how you do loot boxes you can spend the money if you need to but it is not needed. Gave the gamers options keeps the games at the same price point for over a decade now.

RememberThe35748d ago

I actually see what you're saying. But I'm thinking the larger issue is that some games are being designed to be pipelines to our pockets more than actual experiences for the gamer. The whole approach is more about getting money than providing options. It's disingenuous so people are going to have an issue with it.

FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago

As soon as I saw the trailer for Need For Speed I knew I wasn't going to buy it, I just knew right off the bat it wasn't going to be what I wanted in a Need For Speed game.

csreynolds45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I totally agree with you. Payback is a brilliant game, but people are jumping on the EA loot box train and riding the rails without having fully understood that NFSP does NOT rely on loot boxes. I have beaten the game, upgraded 20+ cars and not paid a single penny for content. Moreover, it's a GOOD game. It has elements from Most Wanted, Cardon, Shift and Underground; the events are interesting; it took me 15+ hours to finish the campaign, and I'm still beating speedlists, finding billboards etc. In fact, it's kept me hooked longer than any recent NFS game has since the PS4 launched.

Sure, EA dropped the ball with Battlefront II, but NFSP is fine. "Oh no, you have to actually unlock parts by playing the game and completing challenges" - are you serious? This is what gaming SHOULD be. If you don't like the format of the game, fair enough, but don't just hate on it for the sake of it when Ghost Games actually did a pretty good job of giving fans of the series what they wanted.

Marcello49d ago

EA ruin everything they touch. They have even knackered Star Wars.

TheSplooge48d ago

Battlefield will probably be the next franchise to be screwed over by EA. Hopefully thats not the case as its the only shooter i play these days..

Tru_Blu48d ago

Oh you know a card based progression system is coming to the next battlefield. A part of me inside is literally going to die when I see it confirmed :(

TheSplooge48d ago

I surely hope not. I would really love for them to go back with what 1942 and BF2 was all about. No unlimited ammo in vehicles and health regen. Add ammo/repair stations to the maps etc.. Really miss the old days of the BF series.

XMessiah23x48d ago

I have no issue with EA but Activision is the worst company IMO.

RememberThe35748d ago (Edited 48d ago )

They're dead to me...

kevnb48d ago

fair enough, but one bad mass effect game and a need for speed series that still sells 500 000 copies week 1 at retail doesnt equate to dead franchises.

UnHoly_One47d ago

Yeah I agree. I don't know why everyone wants to declare everything dead nowadays.

Hell, I thought Andromeda was a great game.

But what do I know?

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