Destructoid TGS 08: Hands-on Prince of Persia

Destructoid's Nick Chester writes:

"Surprise number one: Microsoft's Xbox 360 booth at Tokyo Game Show this year is hopping. No, I didn't count heads; but by the looks of things, Microsoft seems to be attracting as many people, if not more, than Sony.

Surprise number two: outside of the huge area for Square Enix's The Last Remnant, Ubisoft's upcoming Prince of Persia had one of the longer waits before you could get your hands on the controller. Standing in line waiting to play, I struck up a conversation with a Japanese citizen, a producer at Sandlot, the folks behind the B-movie-excellent Earth Defense Force 2010. While he said he was a fan of Ubisoft's Prince of Persia series, he said the titles weren't very popular in Japan, but something about this new title had caught the attention of quite a few.

Hit the jump for our first hands-on impressions of Ubisoft's gorgeous new title in the series, simply called Prince of Persia."

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