750,000 Players Register for Warhammer Online

EA Mythic has announced that over 750,000 players have registered to play Warhammer Online since the game's launch.

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WhittO3452d ago

Not arsed bout Warhammer, more looking forward to GUILD WARS 2 !!!!

That game is gona own lol, basically like a rip of WOW but with free online.

JsonHenry3452d ago

I thought PC gaming was dead? : )

LinuxGuru3452d ago


Warhammer is a classic game, and this new online iteration deserves all the attention it gets!

Warhammer has finely-crafted mythology that is far more dark and interesting, at least to me, than warcraft's mythology.

Pain3452d ago

when and if its on Console's....

crosses fingers &

LoveWaffles3452d ago


Oi Oi Oi

Bolts3451d ago

As an onlineRPG, its pretty good. As a MMO. Its crap. I have never seen a MMO with such a desolate chat ever. You feel completely alone in the world, its as if other players are bots. Unless you're in a guild, you might go for hours in most crowded social hub without seeing someone speak a single word.

Outside of the PQ camps and constant wait for the SC pop there is nothing to do. RvR is utterly pointless because the reown abilities are meaningless and so is the loot. Taking keeps is also pointless because there's no reason to defend or even take them. You get faster XP and renown in SCs. There's no big quest to do, no big dungeons to explore..basically outside of SC and PQs there is...NOTHING.