The Deadly Decisions of Persona 3

High school is tough and Persona 3 did a masterful job capturing the complexities of student life. Easily one of the best JRPGs I’ve played, the game gave players an extremely difficult choice near its end that still haunts me.

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Protagonist317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

P3 is easily one the best rpg's made (thus the reason we are still talking about it), but IMO the version to play is Persona 3 Portable. Being able to control the whole party is crucial, plus the Female Protagonist is such a Big Plus to the game.

Tross317d ago

FES for me. I love having the female protagonist, but removing the choice of weapons was a bad idea IMHO, as was turning my favourite fusion spells (a feature I'm baffled was removed in later titles) into one-off cards. Plus, without seeing Shinji headbutt that guy, it's just radio. I'm glad they added other features to the battle system from Persona 4 but I wouldn't say that's crucial as I beat Persona 3 FES on hard without any of that. Persona 4 is a different beast as I think the bosses are designed so that it's next to impossible to win without issuing direct commands (and I've never actually tried not switching to direct commands for bosses in Persona 5). It can be done in Persona 3 though.

Protagonist316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Sure I understand and much of it I believe has to do with which version one started out with. I personally hate the AI in P3 FES and IMO the "The Answer" was unnecessary. While for instance as one of the many new features in P3P as meeting Vincent from the game Catherine was pretty cool (yeah I know maybe a minor thing but it all adds up to me)

Anyway, pretty awesome to still discuss P3, the game is from 2006... what an impact it left man!!!!

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