Need for Speed: Payback Sells an Estimated 462,000 Units First Week at Retail

The racing game from publisher Electronic Arts and developer Ghost Games - Need for Speed: Payback - sold 462,431 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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michellelynn0976347d ago

I hear so many complaints about EA, yet their games still sell very well. Even if they are bad games.

RosweeSon347d ago

Well yeah because people blindly buy a game based on a name without any research into if it’s even any good. Made buy EA I’ll buy that, need for speed I’ll buy that, regardless the fact EA are yearly churn and consistently release average to below average games.

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indysurfn346d ago Show
-Foxtrot347d ago

Because people are morons who hear the bad stuff but decide to "give it a chance"...they then come to the same conclusion as other people afterward even though it's too late, they give them a sale.

kevnb347d ago

The average person isn’t hearing bad stuff, they aren’t on forums.

uth11347d ago

because people know the internet is not always right about things. also controversy has always been good for sales

Krysis347d ago

By "people" you also mean yourself.

AngelicIceDiamond347d ago

Or because NFS is house hold franchise that's adored by millions since the early 90's....

Once word Microtransactions riddled the game I passed on it, which is sad because I was really looking forward to it.

-Foxtrot347d ago


You think I'd buy the game? HA


Only games I was sucked into the hype this gen and learnt my lesson very quickly was Destiny...tried to tell people not to fall for it in the sequel, I was called out for it, disagreed to death then like always a few months later people are now calling it.

When I say people "give it a chance" like Need for Speed I mean the people who are usually "in the know", can see the bad press it's getting but would STILL buy it despite deep down knowing what the God damn conclusion is going to be....then when they realise their gut feeling is right they go to hate on it when at the end of the day it's your own fault and the worst thing is they have given them a sale.

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kevnb347d ago

Because what you see on the Internet doesn’t reflect the masses.

Father__Merrin347d ago

They are not bad games at all tbh
Opinion on n4g or vgchartz doesn't equate to what everyone else thinks.

Although I'd never buy NFS full price I'll get it later on. But many love the franchise and enjoy the games

Vizigoth04347d ago

The wife and I generally like the Need for Speed games. We loved the last one, no so much Rivals. But we are enjoying this new one really well. Hope others like it.

Zeref347d ago

Because some of their games are actually pretty good. Battlefield(except hardline) for example. Mass Effect(haven't played Andromeda yet, but I'm 99% sure its not as bad as people say it is. .

Tzuno347d ago

Average people have no idea of this site or EA, they just buy that's why.

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XiNatsuDragnel347d ago

This underperformed thank god

itsmebryan347d ago

I sold more than I thought it would from all the bad press.

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Poobz347d ago

Check the Easy Allies review to see what is wrong with the game.

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KyRo347d ago

I'll pick this up when it drops in price. Everyone shit on NFS The Run but I enjoyed that game.

WeAreLegion347d ago

This is nowhere near as good as The Run. Just a heads up.

Vizigoth04347d ago

The Run was really good. Surprisingly a little short. If they could make you go back and fourth between more destinations or even different countries that would be really cool.

81BX346d ago

Just downloaded it. Hope it plays well

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