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Super Mario Odyssey is one of those games that just quickly invites you in and lets you take in its full glory. Being the first true sequel to Super Mario 64 and Sunshine in nearly two decades, this game does little to not disappoint you.

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Alexious318d ago

I will have to get this once I purchase the Switch.

318d ago
Babadook7318d ago

“this game does little to not disappoint you.”

Whoops! Double negative. I assume he means:

“this game does little to disappoint you.”

DrJones318d ago

This is a pretty late review

ccgr318d ago

Nintendo did not supply us this game so it wasn't a priority. We're also a mostly volunteer run site so we welcome review submissions and understand that our writers have work, school, life outside of gaming. We were also sent a review from a different author easier that didn't meet our quality standards. Better late than never :)

Sm00thNinja318d ago

Destiny 2 was given a 96/100, but SMO gets a 86........ also the weakpoints given don't justify the point deduction. Just my opinion i guess we can all have them I'll look at a few things differently next time I pop it in

pandehz318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Sites name begins with Christ.

I guess they loved the glowing white deity concept of the traveller in Destiny and are against people with moustaches having fun?

Sm00thNinja318d ago

Lmao maybe. Christ though you'd think they approve of the less violent game as opposed to the shooter. Destiny has a higher score than Bloodborne. Everyone has an opinion though and anyone can make a website. To each their own

ccgr318d ago

Different reviewers have different game preferences and opinions, this applies to all review sites.The reviewer enjoyed this Mario game but didn't think it was the best one ever.

Sm00thNinja318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I clearly said everyone has an opinion. You just reiterated that. Just not a well written review imo. I felt the critiques were weak. Co-op was weak? It's not a game built for co-op. That's like saying Destiny 2 sucks because it's not a good MMO.